• Yes they should

    I thibk they definitely should because heels and flats will add to their looks and make their outfits better and heels and flats were originally made for men anyway and why not I do and I'm a 30 year old guy who wears them daily even to work most days

  • Equality my Nigga

    First off, If a nigga wanna wear some fucking heels, Then who's to say he can't. A shoe is a shoe nigga. And who's gonna tell you you can't wear a fooking SHOE nigga a SHOE. This world is just too corrupt and think that if a dude dances like a girl he's a faggot. People are too self centered and believe anything the world says. In conclusion, I think that anyone should be able to wear any kinda shoe they fucking want. It shouldn't matter, Have some respect for a nigga.

  • I recommend you do not.

    Personally, As a male, I would not wear feminine wear in the fear of criticism and mostly attention. Unless you are ready to face such consequences, I recommend you refrain from wearing heels. Also, The ideology of girls always wearing feminine clothing is not a social-construct, Meaning a man wearing heels and dresses is not norm. Yea.

  • They can but they shouldn't

    I agree with having the right to wear whatever you want in this country, And you can go ahead. But when it comes to gendered items, Society will judge you and your choice.
    - Heels specifically have always been associated with female seduction, They make your legs longer, And your hips move more than usual. Now I believe there is a difference between heterosexual men that wear it and homosexuals.
    -If Homosexuals/other sexual orientations wear it I believe is expected, Society will judge but they won't question your sexuality.
    ( I know we all judge for one thing or another)
    -If Heterosexuals on the other hand wear it, They will cause turmoil, Because it is associated with femininity, It will raise some eyebrows and people will question your sexuality. BUT who cares what people think right?

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