• Yes they should!

    I'm a guy and Imlove wearing proper high heels but I only wear them indoors and out very late at night when no one is around because I know I will get looked upon and judged immediately. I have a few girl mates who think it's awesome that I wear them and can walk in them better than they can and they also tell me to wear them out in public and not to care what people think!

  • We should all have the freedom of choice to wear what we want to wear!

    We live in a world full of double standards when it comes to shoes are clothing. Why is it acceptable for women to wear whatever they want to wear without question, yet if a man wants to wear something that is traditionally regarded as 'feminine' then there is a stigma attached to it. I am a man who loves to wear skirts and dresses on a regular basis because I find it so much more comfortable than wearing trousers, and I will look for shoes to match, be it heels or wedges.

  • Love wearing them

    Yes . I think men should wear High Heels if they want to. I wear them , but not in public. Wear them in the house and love wearing them. I can walk in them better then my spouse. I do really love them when females wear them. They look very famine.

  • Yes, there is already a small number of them that do

    And I know that more would do it if it was socially acceptable, but most will not unless there is a big change in how people would react to it. Right now I think most men are very afraid of how they would be ridiculed of they did it, so they won't.

  • If it looks good - why not ?

    Women just care if something fits an looks good,it does not matter if it looks like male clothes.
    Men should do that to : if they like heels,they can walk on them and it suits them then they should wear them !!
    By the way : there are lots of women who should better wear flats....

  • YAAAS! They can wear heels

    Men specifically Pharaoh's, noble men in Ancient Egypt wore them to show power or during a ceremony while Egyptian butcher's wore them so they won't directly step on the offal, men even wore platform heels in the 1970's. Today's popular male icons like John Fuqua and Prince wor them once or twice or even more times.

  • Yes men should wear high heels

    I think that men should wear high heels so men can know how girls feel when we wear high heels and also I think they would look pretty in high heels. Then many men can be in popular fashion shows. Also men can have new kind of shoe wearing in the world so they won't have to get shoes or sandals all the time.

  • Neutral i am

    This case we must study precisely. Because maybe it seems okay for everyone to wear high heels but it has great damaged both. If nowadays people is getting comfort it is worse to wear high heels. Young people have keen liking for high heels shoes. Especially it leads to bend of spine

  • Sure, why not?

    Only if they want to. I wouldn't pressure anyone into wearing them, but if they on their own want to wear them, why not? Women wear ties, men should be able to wear heels if they want. It seems to be okay for women to wear men's things (boyfriend jeans, men's shirts), which is totally okay, but men should also be able to wear women's clothing. In fact, let's just make it clothing, not men's clothes or women's clothes, boys clothes and girls clothes, but clothes that can fit everyone.

  • Sure, What Ever....

    If men would even WANT to wear high heels then, yeah, sure why not? I mean, I honestly doubt that a guy would WANT to wear high heels but...You know, why cant they? Its there choice.

    They would probably get picked on, for sure....And I doubt they could pull it off like women do....And it would probably be pretty hilarious too, but there's nothing WRONG with it...

  • Men should not wear women shoes! Why? I looks really really bad.

    Most high heels are styled for women and not for men. There are only very few high heels models in the market that are really styled for men (e.G. Wide heel - long styled shoe). Men should go for men style high heels and not copy women style. Men that just copy women style look really really bad. Women style high heels do nothing for a men!

  • Bad for feet

    I'm ouchy already and I'm a woman. ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​

  • Women also should not.

    It's uncomfortable and painful. There is a law that women should wear high heels such as the Oscar's Nomination. Our culture trained women to wear high heels and to resist pain for beauty but they are already beautiful instead of training them to become stronger, perception is also the factor, unjust laws changed our perceptions that also made happiness of genders different. Women wear high heels to be happy and made men happy of their stylish appearance, these are false happiness and it's very addictive. The things that must only be absolutely different are the body type and sex organs and facial hair, only on men. Not the way of life, our happiness should be unisex. High heels must not be require on both genders whenever they are and high heels should be ban on both genders in most jobs, like factory workers for productivity.

  • No but they can if they want.

    Men are already taller than women so height isn't an issue. Why run the risk of breaking an ankle over something so trivial? Leave them for women that don't have better sense. Other clothing makes more sense like skirts.... Something men have worn far longer throughout time than women have.

  • I think should or shouldn't are the wrong Words to use here.

    Historically men were the first to wear high heels. During the 1600s the aristocracy would parade around in this type of footwear as a sign of status. A labourer could not possibly wear such impractical shoes, whereas a rich man could. Women started wearing heels as a protest against male supremacy, as eventually did the working class, and as the heel became more common aristocratic men dropped the heel for a more flat shoe. Women's heeled shoes were at first distinguishable from a man's shoe by the thickness of the heel. Men's heels were thicker and women's heels were thinner.
    Historical fashion is often revamped and reused by designers, so one never knows if the male aristocratic heel might turn up again. Today I think men still wear certain pieces of clothing and shoes for the sake of status, however turning on to that avenue I am under the impression that it is the brand you wear that matters more than the look. i.e. any man can wear a suit, but not every man wears a designer suit.

  • I don't think that heels should be illegal or anything but...

    I don't think that heels should be illegal or anything, but in the long run, wearing heels can cause painful problems for those who wear them to often. Some cases lead to people needing to go and get surgery done on their feet and legs.
    They are impractical for almost any activity, and the only benefit that they provide is giving you a few extra inches in height, which could also make it hurt worse if you fall.
    That is why I believe that they should not be worn by men or women.

  • I generally find this to be queer.

    Normally I would make a long, drawn out conversation to why this is wrong but I truly have nothing. If you want to wear them, by all means do, but I have no care in it.

    Possibly the only thing I could say is that it is not accepted in society and you should not wear them. Have some morals.

    (Headline note. Queer- To be odd.}

  • No one SHOULD,

    That is to say no should have to or be expected to, because it should just be a personal preference thing. And sure, if it wasn't socially inexceptable for men to wear high heels and if it was a perfectly normal thing, then it might be just as popular for them as it is for women. That is because high heels add the appearance of height, and it pushes out the buttocks and the breast and therefore makes the wearer seem more desirable to most people's sexual preferences. However, women are less likely to be caught by the perky-ness of men's buttocks and breasts, so high heels on men would, I suppose, be less popular, unless women actually do care as much about butts and breasts on men as men care about those on women and I don't know about it. And then there is the fact that men are both heavier and less likely to try and change their appearance to suite the fancy of others, so I don't think that men would wear high heels much even if it was completely normal.

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Histiletto says2017-02-05T01:43:59.910
Originally the choice of attiring adornments were concerns for ones personal taste. Then society stepped in and started using attire as status and sex identifiers as it created rules and standards as to who could wear what. Now the idea of someone else telling you what you must like and want to wear has become embedded into our thinking. When some people show an initiative to wear something that isn't in their classification, they would be consider insurrectionists and be subject to penalties and/or ridicule, sometimes severe and excessive. With the understanding of how things have been done, people have become programmed/brainwashed into complying with the societal dictates and they teach these same dictations that usurp the agency of personal matters from individuals as truth to the younger and impressionable generations. In reality, who knows better what a person's tastes are than that person. So the usurpation of the right that individuals were naturally endowed with continues to stand as an injustice against the standards of society as to what a person should or can choose to wear, no matter how items of attire have come to exist.