• Yes, if they want so!

    Americans, wake up. Men can wear whatever they want, and the same goes for women.
    Makeup is great, can make you feel more confident and can even be considered an art - the art to transform your face, really like a painting. Your pair of chromosomes have nothing to do with the right to wear makeup - anyone who wants can!

  • Personal Care products are not exclusive for women.

    In terms of moral justification, there is literally no difference between a woman putting on eyeliner and a man applying hair coloring products. We don't make that distinction because hair coloring product is "acceptable" in society, but if a man puts on lipstick or a light blush color, what's the difference?

  • It's self enhancement

    I'm a straight boy and I wear under eye concealer, bronzer and a little foundation. I just want to look my best for the girls. Every one says be the best you can be so I don't see why makeup is a problem for some people. I see people all the time with dry dull skin that could use some enhancement. All your favorite actors, models and celebritys use them so why can't you?

  • Keeps you looking good

    Wearing makeup is not something that is just for women. Men can wear it and should. I do all day but nothing crazy! Men should care about how they look, you don't really want to be one of those old men with crows feet an inch deep?!! It's enhanced your apperance and for those of you who say "gay men wear makeup" not true how does something you do to your face affect your sexuality.? It's doesn't.

  • Sure, why not?

    Sure, why not? I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Makeup is used to cover up blemishes in order to appear more attractive. There's nothing wrong with a guy wanting to be more attractive. Of course, we are taught to believe that makeup is only for girls, so a guy with makeup on might get made fun of.

  • Do what you want to do!

    I think everyone has the freedom to wear what they want and they shouldn't be judged for that. I don't think a guy wearing eyeliner is "gay" or "feminine" at all, in fact, I find eyeliner makes a some guys look really hot! And who a lot of actors and models wear makeup, so I honestly don't see the big deal with it.

  • Absolutely! Step on the wild side.

    I mix a little foundation with moisturizer. The added color looks natural AND gives my skin an all around even complexion. I also use a little bit of bronzing powder on the areas of my face that would get hit by the sun. End result is natural looking. I've tried the smudgy mascara look too, late night, going out to an edgy bar and restaurant. It's cool looking, but not for the daytime. I'm not campaigning for making a statement. It's just fun and edgy. No different IMHO than piercings and tattoos -- without making a permanent commitment!

  • I love makeup & nail polish!!!

    Yes men should have the choice to wear makeup
    I guess some would say that I “care too much about looking my best”. It may be true, I stay in shape, eat pretty good, wear nice cloths, and on occasion I wear the ‘bling’ that says, I am feeling good tonight! Within the last year, I decided to act on a desire that I have had for years & years. I got a pedicure &had my toes PAINTED!!!!! Yes, it was great, my girlfriend went together & all I can say is “Why in the heck did I not do this sooner”? I wear flip/flops everywhere, and since then I have sported many colors. However I do keep me feet covered at work & around my parents.
    More recently, I with my girlfriend’s suggestion & direction have begun experimenting & wearing makeup. , all very natural & subtle, but noticeable too Full makeup, foundation, shadow, liner, black mascara, & more often than not, a matte nude lipstick! I again say, why didn’t I do this sooner? I love it, I (again other than work & around my parents I am 45 btw, parents don’t need to know everything) And when I know that my face looks as good as I feel, & I have a great outfit on, my confidence skyrockets!! I am not portraying a woman, but I am just being ME, a straight man who loves makeup.
    I know why, I didn’t do this long ago, because of fear of what others will say, it’s sad but I know that is the case. There is one way that would solve so many violent, angry, & destructive verbal confrontations, fights, and abuse, it will cost nothing, if people would just mind their own business, and not make a point to tell others what they think or feel about what another person wears. I would never say to the obviously obese person or family at the table (next to me in a restaurant)”who, who, do you think you really need the desert too”? That would be wrong and cause a huge disturbance & id probably end up in jail for the night. But as a man wearing makeup & nail polish & someone says something, or even makes physical harm……this is part of the consequences of my choices! To the people/woman who say….NO, No way a man or men can start to wear makeup, I am not going to date a man who wears makeup!

    First thing, even if our culture accepted this as a norm, not every man would wear makeup!! Were all different, That would be like me saying “ I will not date a woman who listens to country music”! OK, No big deal, tons of woman do listen to it, but tons more don’t. So what others listen to, that are not in my life, is none of my business any more than someone thinking its their business what I put on MY face & toes.

  • Men don't have to look like they haven't sleept for 3 days

    Everybody, women and men, hates having black circles on their eyes or a massive blemish on their forehead/nose/cheek. And these don't project an image of professionalism either. All you need is a tiny bit of concealer. You'll look much fresher and no one will know you're wearing it. I'm not saying men should wear eyeshadown, eyeliner and pink lipstick, but concealer can be a good friend.

  • Why is it a big deal?

    I'm a man and I wear make up on an almost daily basis, everyday is you wanna just count my eyebrows and bbcream. But I also usually put eyeliner, mascara and skin tone eye shadow on, plus I use a highlighter for my nose and under my eyes. It's not to look more fem or to express sexuality, it's to make myself look better in my and my GIRLfriends eyes. She is completely okay with it and always encourages me to express myself the way I feel that I need to. There is no reason a man shouldn't be able to enhance himself if he wishes. I mean, if you're gonna go drag and totally change your gender then that is a different story entirely. In south Korea the average man will wear more than one make-up product. It's not a big deal. It's not considered 'gay' like it is in America or Europe. I wish those views would change because I honestly think It would be so much better for everyone. Such less stigma about everything.

  • Not for any reason

    I am a woman, and a younger woman at that. I do not feel comfortable when I see men wearing makeup, or men who believe they are women lecturing me (a true woman) about femininity and the trials of being a woman. It's insulting and demeaning to both men and women. The differences of the sexes (and there are only two) should be celebrated. Men should not wear makeup because it isn't a part of being a man, any more than a woman wearing men's clothes is part of being a woman.

  • Men are not women

    Absolutely no! Make up on men DOES MAKE THEM LOOK GAY. This world is heading towards destruction faster than it should, especially in the west. I personally think no morals and neglected childhood is the cause for such illnesses such as gay etc. gays are making the world a filthy place

  • Neither Should Women

    Men shouldn't have to wear makeup because women shouldn't have to do that either. Women are naturally beautiful and shouldn't have to cake stuff on their faces for men to notice them. Unfortunately, the cosmetic industry isn't going away and women will continue to have self esteem issues so makeup isn't going away anytime soon.

  • NO, no, and NO.

    For centuries, the cosmetic industry has brainwashed women into thinking they need this stuff to be attractive. Now they are trying to expand their market to men. It's all about the money. DON'T LET THEM BRAINWASH YOU. Men are men. Men don't wear makeup. Resist the brainwashing. Think for yourself.

  • No, absolutely not.

    Men are not to be effeminate. Any bible believing person has read this. It's not natural and goes against what God's word says is right. It's my opinion they shouldn't. I do Go along with and trust what the bible says as it is my moral compass. No flames please as thus is my opinion.

  • Completely no

    Under no circumstances should men wear makeup, it destroys our manhood and physical appearance. I think a man wearing makeup confuses young generations about their physical appearance by promoting that it is right for a men to wear women's accessories. Men should look and act as men, enforce their manhood.

  • No, absolutely not.

    Men are not to be effeminate. Any bible believing person has read this. It's not natural and goes against what God's word says is right. It's my opinion they shouldn't. I do Go along with and trust what the bible says as it is my moral compass. No flames please as thus is my opinion.

  • No

    Although I feel that people should be allowed to wear makeup, I dislike the idea of a man wearing makeup. Men are masculine, they should not be 'pretty'. Whenever I see a man wearing makeup I often linger on them a bit longer and note specifically how strange and different it looks. There is, of course, an exception for stage makeup in theater.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Men should not wear make-up. I don't think they should be prevented from it if they want to, but I don't think there should be a big movement to encourage men to wear it. I don't think that women need to wear makeup either. It creates an artificial sense of self.

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