• Well wearing a bra might make them think there less masculine but what ever makes them happy but no one can judge them

    So in the end to all the guys out there you do what makes you happy so you can wear a bra if you want but if you don't want to then who cares you don't have to but it dosent make you less manly than you are so go live your life how you want to

  • The word bra.

    Has implications and associated mental imagery that extends beyond the fundamental use of the support garment in question. Gynaecomastia is a fairly common condition and indeed in extreme cases it is sometimes preferable and necessary to wear a support garment. A garment better referred to as a gynaecomastia vest rather than a bra.

  • My opinion is no, For the most part.

    When it comes down to it, Just let everyone do what they want, But I would argue that the majority of men would find wearing a bra degrading as it makes them stand out from more masculine figures. If someone would like to wear one, Go ahead, But in general, I say no.

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