Should Men's Rights be talked about just as much as Women's Rights?

Asked by: ZadaZada
  • Society Lags a Bit

    At days end, Men's Right needs attention too. Well we can't get it fully equally, We need to get it as close as we can. Men in general in media (American) look like a bumbling idiot dad or violence against them is played for laughs. A lot of the laws we have are outdated for modern society where equality has become more common

  • It's a little something I'd like to call equality.

    Now I 100% believe more need to be actively done in the field of women rights to reach equality but to do so both genders are required to give input and to be treated equally. No matter what gender you are you deserve love and you deserve to have a fair go at life

  • My yes answer is

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  • Gender isn't important, It's like race.

    I think we should be treated equal. We only are humans in the end when god takes us all to heaven. Think about it. This. Us. Our life. Our family. 1 woman + one man = a family because they are together because men and women are equal. The end. Hope you liked reading this and have a happy day!

  • Yes it should

    Men are being demonized way too much nowadays, As feminists are all over the place attacking guys for practically no reason (even on the damn news). Never have i ever heard anything about Men's rights unless it was a joke between a bunch of teenagers, Things shouldn't be like this, Men should be respected just as much as women.

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