Should mental health treatment be a greater social concern?

  • Yes I believe mental health treatment should be a greater social concern.

    I think mental health treatment should be treated more seriously, it is a silent killer. In my opinion the more people with untreated mental illnesses, the more deaths due to suicide and the more violent acts against society. We should all be required to go through a psychological evaluation annually, this way we won't lose more of our friends, family members and co-workers.

  • Yes, mental health is very serious.

    Mental health issues are often the reason behind violent acts. Problems with mental health can also cause depression and mood changes, which negatively affects relationships and a person's ability to work full time. People often see mental illness as a shameful condition that shouldn't be discussed in public. However, it's time to be more open about conditions of the mind so they can be treated effectively.

  • Yes, mental health treatments should be a greater social concern.

    In general, people are often reluctant to talk about mental health issues. It is uncomfortable to think that a loved one or friend may be bipolar or be severely depressed. However, these and other mental illnesses great affect a person's mood and actions. Since everyone in society is connected in some way, the actions of one person can affect an entire community. This is especially concerning if a mentally ill individual's actions are dangerous. Mental illnesses is a health problem that should be properly addressed and treated, just like other health concerns like cancer.

  • People are dying you idiots

    Mental health is such a big issue and the fact that it isn't a big enough concern is what makes it such a big problem. People aren't getting the help they need. People die! If it goes untreated, people commit suicide. And I know this because this is the life I live. I'm not going to spill my personal business because that is straight up stupid. It's bad. It's really really bad. It doesn't just affect that person, it affects families, friends, and even mental health providers. It's absolutely heartbreaking to see people suffer this much. Eating disorders, self harm and all. If people can seek cancer treatment, I don't see why people can't seek psychiatric help. If you look at it, its the same thing. I am absolutely shocked that people like me aren't getting the real help they need.

  • Yes, mental health is a huge problem in our society

    Every day millions of people suffer from mental health problems that go unknown by everyone around them. Some of these can be more limiting than many physical illnesses so we need to be more aware of this threat and the vast number of people who struggle with undiagnosed and unknown mental health problems. I think that many more people than you might imagine have these issues and we should be able to offer a better understanding and more support as a society.

  • Mental health is serious

    Not enough people are being heard when they try and speak up about their concerns about their mental health. We need to stop dismissing people because we don't like the way reality sounds. More and more people are having to suffer and go through mental health issues alone because society are not aware enough of the severity of situation we are faced with.

  • Mental illnesses should definetly be more focused on

    I belivie that all mental illnesses dont get focused on enough which is honestly ridiclulous in my eyes. I have dealt with depression and it is a very hard thing to live with . Once you get trapped in your own mind u think that depression has taken over your body. I think people should focus more on this topic because the suicide rates are extremely horrible . If pepole with these illnesses get more help there could possibly be less suicides . The medication people give to the humans with illnesses dont exactly always help it could make u go more suicidal . If we took action into helping there could be a positive change! I feel like people dont actually think this is a big deal . Reality check , IT IS A BIG DEAL

  • I agree with this statement because...

    Things like depression & bipolar & other mental illnesses can lead to suicide & other violent acts & we cant let this happen.
    Everything in this world is improving like technology & other stuff however other things are turning worser than before like mental health as before not many people had mental health problems however nowadays there are loads of people in this world who have it & we shouldn't let that happen!

  • We believe that mental health should be acknowledged.

    Lots of peolple suffer the stigma from others. A lot of people need to talk about their problems so that others can help. We need to realize how those people feel and the doctors and medicine scientistscan try to find a cure. This is why we think mental health treatment should be a greater concern.

  • Mental health treatment should be a greater social concern.

    It should a greater social concern because in concerns a lot of people around us daily. The stigma and the lack of social concerns about mental health treatment causes many people with mental health problems to not talk about it, which makes the problem worse. That is why treatment should be a bigger concern.

  • Mental illness is overhyped; Our society is at risk for neurofascism; Support neurodiversity!

    Any variation, the smallest variation even in thought or behavior could if someone wanted to look for it be correlated to variations in neurochemistry.

    However, the psychiatric industry does NOT practice humility. Any correlation is instantly assumed to mean causation. A lack of 100% correlation is ignored and the media promotes conversations about it as if the physical changes correlated always cause symptoms even when studies show merely a heightened risk and not an absolute 100% correlation.

    There have been studies where people had their serotonin levels deliberately lowered in order to see if they would become depressed. They did not become depressed. This study was completely ignored. What this proves is that the way people think about and the way society talks about mental health issues is biased towards what powerful and wealthy interests want us to think about it and towards what ever is the most sensational.

    Human minds can NOT and should NOT be entrusted to decide how everyone else's brain or mind should work. People have evolved to have different minds and different brains. Humankind is playing with fire trying to change this. With advances in technology and with people sheepishly buying into mental illness narratives we are at risk of a dystopian future where the state pushes a universal mental type on everybody.

    Science is only capable of proving matters of what is how physical things work. Science can NOT prove that one difference is better than another difference. That is and always will be a subjective value judgment. Forcing everyone to change their minds to conform to some authority's definition of 'mental health' will give a small clique of people special privileges in deciding how all people are to think.

    Your brain is the most personal aspect of yourself. To deny people the right to their own brain is to deny the validity of the very idea of property rights in the first place. If you do not have the right to your own mind then you have no rights.

    They will try to scare you say that my ideas are supporting anarchy or supporting letting 'crazy' people run amock. Yet I am not. I propose that instead of pretending like we're concerned for people's mental health we practice some good old-fashioned honesty. The true concern is public safety. So criminalize behaviors that show that a person is a threat to public safety. Lock them up. I am not against that. However I am against forced treatment. If the person would rather just sit in their cell without treatment then it is their mind and body NOT the state's. We should offer them treatment as a condition of parole or probation yet even then they should be allowed to work with their attorney to explore alternative treatments instead of limiting it to one specific option. And only those truly dangerous, only those who are violent should be subjected to this.

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