• Way in the pic is a good way to end them; seriously, though, "mental illness" is just a way to banish those with unorthodox mentalitites

    Mental hospitals are the scourge of society. They serve as the punitive arm to cast out those who are deemed "unorthodox" or "unnormal" in their way of thinking. It's amazing we are so quick to punish them, but not child molesters. Mental hospital doctors only use drugs for one thing -- to "keep order' in the hospitals. Mental hospitals are worse than the Nazis, way worse. This is one of the bad things about our liberal times. Jail for me is better.
    Mental hospitals destroy their patients.

  • Mental hospitals support, treat, and care for people with mental needs

    Doctors in mental hospitals are trained professionals to help mental people cope with their illness. This is infinitely better than leaving them confuse and frustrated with no intelligent support or competent assistance. Anyone who thinks that mental patients should be stopped from getting the treatment they need and deserve, then you need to check your facts.

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