Should Mentally Challenged People Be In A Class With Regular Kids?

Asked by: provideoman123
  • Why are we trying to make a monster out of these kids?

    Children need to learn to accept people no matter how ill they are. By separating them from others, children will never learn how to deal with them later in real life. Plus, what if it was your own kid? Would you still want to separate him/her from the rest? Unless their safety and others safety is threatened, children should learn to coexist with others who are different from them.

  • Differentiation leads to further differentiation

    Ofcourse along with other kids they need to grow so that their acceptance in the society is restored. It will be easier to convince other kids to accept MCs as normal than the adults who have rigid orthodox mindset to leave a section of population behind. Afterall right to life with dignity and equality is above everything.

  • Yes they should, BUT

    As long as these MC people can cope up with the class. If this MC person cannot do well in a class with regular kids then it would be more disadvantageous for him to go there. Another problem is when the regular kids does not accept him and bully him. It would lead the person to severe depression and lack of social skills.

  • Right to Equality!!

    It does not matter if the person is mentally retarded or not!! They all were born as human and each and every human being have their own right to EQUALITY!! They should not be treated indifferently or else they will feel violated in front of the society!! They may require special attention yes, but it does not mean that They must be separated from the normal people!!

  • Of course they should!

    I have been interacting with mentally challenged kids my whole life. I consider them my friends. And of course I want my friends to be in the same class as me. But that's just my own opinion. The truth is, they should definantly be in the same class because that is a great learning opportunity for them to learn how to behave and respect. But, they should have a shadow in the classroom to help out with certain items because they are less capiible of things we take for granted. All in all, mentally challenged kids should be in the same class as regular kids.

  • It is an excellent learning experience

    In both my elementary and high schools, we had mentally challenged students incorporated in our classes. They were usually accompanied by a shadow, but they were involved in the class discussion and even at times took a modified version of the tests and quizzes. Some student's challenges were more severe- for example down-syndrome or high-spectrum autism, while others were less so. Firstly, these students are completely aware that they are labelled differently than others. Just because they are mentally challenged, it does not mean that they cannot understand that people treat them differently, usually with inferiority. They deserve, just as anyone else does, to be incorporated in a normal environment!
    Secondly, speaking from experience, I probably learned more from having these students in my classroom than from my teachers' lesson plans. At younger ages, students were not very accepting of them, but as we aged, we learned tremendous lessons. We learned that good things come in surprising packages- these students were often the most gracious, innocent and kind students, and they really lent a level of maturity to the grade that would otherwise be absent. It taught us that not everyone needs to look the same, have the same manner of speech, thought processes, mannerisms, preferences etc. I learned to be accepting of others, to treat everyone equally, and most of all that everyone has something to contribute to make this world a greater place.

  • Mentally Challenged People Are People Too

    Of course they should be integrated within the community. I have seen the difficulty of special needs kids having trouble making friends and interacting with people. They should be treated as equals and not inferiors. If they are in a class with regular people, they will learn social skills and make friends easily. Some people just need a little more help to succeed.
    Teachers, parents, and students, unite with me in solidarity!

    Note: I am not mentally challenged in any way, I actually have a high-functioning brain with superior intellect. It is that intellect which led me to determine that mentally challenged students need a place in society as well. As you can see, I am a very considerate and courteous person. This is not supposed to be narcissistic, nor is it bragging. I am only here to help others.

  • No if the following applies.

    It depends on the situation. Can this student complete course work required from other regular students? Can this student succeed? It is fine this student be given extra time (2 x normal testing time) but this student MUST complete the same work expected on other students. So same quizzes, tests and exam. If this student (try the best he/she could) and still cannot accomplish it, then this student should not be in a class with regular kids.

  • Is it really in anyone's best interest?

    If their handicap affects their developmental capacity to the point that they are unable to keep up with the rest of the class then no. It's not fair to the other kids in the class to be held back and deprived of a challenging pace in order to accommodate the challenged student.

    It's also not fair to drop a student into a class who is not on par mentally with the rest of his or her peers, as it would be cruel and embarrassing for him or her to experience being at the bottom of the group academically during a time when they are coming to terms with the life challenges and struggles ahead of them about why they are different and what that means for them.

  • Everyone learn at their pace

    Just as AP classes exist for smarter students, mentally challenged students should have classes that go to their pace, instead of being left behind or slowing down a whole class, it may sound rude, but classes are not for making friends, they are for learning. These classes should be held in the same school, and during breaks the students can interact with their community regardless of the classes they are in. Everyone learns at a different pace and separating students will benefit them by tending to their individual needs.

  • NEVER have them in normal student classes

    When I was a little kid there were two mental kids in my class and. . .
    They threw rocks at me, It actually hit me in the head but, Although it didn't damage me forever and make me a idiot, It was still painful as and they also annoyed us, Made others upset (when we played with toys and built stuff) they destroyed em for the SAKE OF IT, They also SOMEWHAT pulled another kids pants off and laughed, LIKE HOW EMBARRASSING IS THAT FOR THE KID WHO HAD HIS PANTS PULLED OFF! Today I still remember the times attempting to avoid EM. Sadly teachers couldn't do anything about it and some times I got in trouble for complaining about it.

  • Not if they can't keep up with the pace

    Having a student with mental challenges in the same class with regular students is utterly disruptive when they are incapable of keeping up. It is simply not fair to the other students. And it is not fair to the student with mental challenges, Especially when they start comparing themselves to the other students who are excelling. In a college classroom it seems especially inappropriate. If they can keep up though, It is gainfully rewarding for all. But I cannot stress enough how disruptive and draining it is to the classroom environment when a student with mental challenges can't socialize, Can't follow directions, Can't complete assignments and gets upset when they see others excel and even feels dangerous if their frustration turns into a false belief that the other students are the reason they can't tolerate their own emotions. It can be damaging. It is not fair to expect a teacher to teach a class in multiple ways, Especially with a wildly conflicting set of standards when the class also has very talented, Hard working students who need to learn at a faster pace with more complex projects in order to be prepared to compete in a very competitive work force. Frankly, In places and with a level of competency that some students with mental challenges will never be able to compete. Is it fair for me to hold them back so the student with mental challenges can fit in? If they can't keep up with the actual topic of the class, No!

  • They Distract Other

    Mentally challenged students pull away the class from moving forward at a regular pace. Unless the student in question can complete the course work required of other students, Then they should not he taking the same course as them. It may only be a minute or two they disturb the classes with their nonsense, Though over the year it adds up. The teacher should be able to explain the worm again if need be, Fair enough, Other students also have that right. Though very rarely are they doing the same level, They should be put in specialist classes.

  • They need to learn at their own pace with students like them

    As a teacher, I am completely against having students in my class with ANY sort of mental challenge. They cannot do the work the other students do and have dozens of accommodations that are supposed to be followed. In a classroom of 25+ I don't have the time to spend my class period reading to one student (or whatever other accommodation they have. All my kids are special to me. I feel it is unfair for both types of student. Often times, They are also given privileges (wearing headphones or hoodies) that other kids don't get. And because their disability is not always visible, My students want to know why they can't have the same treatment. You get the gist. Keep them in the same school, But put them all in the same class setting. Our country has gotten wayyyyy too PC. Do I love them? Yes, I do. But it is not conducive to the education process.

  • It prevents all students from getting a proper education.

    While I believe that the people who support this have good intentions, it is simply not logical to put mentally challenged children in "normal" classes for the same reason you would not put the children taking "normal" classes into Honors or AP level classes. Students should be taught in a way that actually allows them to learn.

  • They distract and don't learn.

    All they do at my school is yell and moan and disrupt, they don't have any benifits to a classroom as they don't benefit society. They should either be put into yard group homes or locked in basements. They are so annoying and I already learned what they do for me and society.

  • They are Just A problem

    I am in school in all honors classes,and I have to sit by a retarded in art. I don't know why they put me next to him, But it's probably because they thought I'd be able to handle it. On most days It, and yes, I am referring to him as it, because he lacks any Intelligence. It just Looks around and makes weird noises. The teacher does most of his work for him. When it does "Make Art" it just writes Woody or Catboy. He once spent the entire period going I'm a Superman Car McQueen I'm a Chicken Nuggets Car McQueen etc. It goes get it after Telling a "joke" such as "Car McQueen is red Get it". At one point it asked The teacher, "Are You an elephant Mrs. _____" The name is hidden for respect. It randomly yells out potato and goes errrh. This would be very disruptive in a normal classroom. I honestly can't wait for the day a news article headline says "retards to be killed" My dog is more intelligent than it. And you may argue he is more intelligent through capability of speech. But my dog serve a purpose. My dog can't speak Chinese or English or French because that is not how a dog communicates.

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