• Yes, of course.

    I just think it is the polite thing to do. If you are a diverse nation like the United States who was founded on freedom of religion and the equal creation of all people, it is only right to use a phrase like this. They may not celebrate Christmas. Just be friendly.

  • Say what you want.

    If you celebrate Christmas, feel free to say Merry Christmas. If you celebrate Hannukah, feel free to say Happy Hannukah. If you want to say happy holidays, feel free to say happy holidays. There shouldn't be any reason to restrict what you say because people don't have the same beliefs as you. And anyway. So what if the person I say Merry Christmas to doesn't celebrate Christmas? A) I'll not be offended by whatever they say back and B) When I'm saying Merry Christmas, it's generally around Christmas time, so it's still Christmas even if they don't celebrate it. As such, for them, it's just me wishing they be merry on December 25, whether they have a holiday that day or not. All in all, I feel people should be free to say what they want to.

  • Should Merry Christmas be Replaced by Happy Holidays?

    NO. NO. NO. Merry Christmas not only words but it has a true meaning. Ever since I was a child I could remember that saying "Merry Christmas" was what everyone said to each other during the month of December especially shopping downtown. All retailers displayed Merry Christmas signs throughout their stores and no one was ever offended by it.

  • To each his own when it comes to our Holiday Greetings

    The reason I disagree is NOT because I am a Christian or fond of the "Christ" in Christmas. I just feel that there is no way to enforce this! You can't change what people say and how they say it! Rather we should all live together and accept each other's differences and the right to have them!

  • The majority of people in America are Christian

    This is part of their identity and heritage. Why do non-Christian people care if someone wants them to be merry? It's just a way to be nice to each other, which is something which Christianity has taught us to be. If people don't like living in a Christian nation, then why don't they just leave?

  • No it should not

    Christmas is Christmas, people who choose to celebrate it should not be afraid of calling it Christmas.

    No one has a problem calling Halloween that even though it has connotations about the undead. Why is Christmas such a problem.

    This is a Christian holiday, if others choose to celebrate it, they need to respect its meaning and traditions or at the very least not stop others from celebrating its meaning and tradition.

  • How about no?

    I don't think at all "Merry Christmas" should be replaced with "Happy Holidays." Atheists don't even believe that Christ was the main reason for Christmas, so why would they want it replaced? It's called free speech; there's a difference between that and shoving your religion down people's throats. Saying "Merry Christmas" isn't shoving anything down people's throats. I sure hope this never happens, because if it does, this proves that our country really is going backwards.

  • No say what you want

    I think people should be able to say whatever they want. If I celebrate Christmas let me say Merry Christmas. If I celebrate Hanakuah I will say happy Hanakuah. I should not be told what I have to say. If someone says the wrong thing to me it does not hurt my feelings.

  • Sometimes, but not always

    Happy Holidays is a safer and better greeting for corporations to use, as well as individuals that do not wish to offend or are not devoutly Christian, since the holiday is larger than Christianity and more of a national holiday. On the other hand, Merry Christmas should be openly used by anyone who wants to as part of their freedom of religion and speech, so now full replacement should take place.

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SNP1 says2014-03-04T22:43:43.837
It should be in a government setting. If a town hall has decorations it should not say "Merry Christmas", it should say "Happy Holidays". If I am walking down the street and someone says "Merry Christmas", that is fine. Just keep it out of the government.

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