• Yes they should be in ALL schools

    Metal detectors should be in all schools. No matter if it's a public school, Private school, Charter or magnet school, Special needs school, Alternative school, College, Etc.

    All students, Staff, And any person not a part of the school- underage or adult should be required to go through the metal detector- basically anyone entering in the school must walk through.

    I have been to many schools since my parents move a lot because of work and with my big brother in the military most of the schools I been into didn't have metal detectors. In one of them like once or twice a year they would have some guy scan the students with a metal detector stick and that was it- they weren't even checked if it did make a sound/beep. None of the teachers/school staff or other adults that were not a part of the school were not scanned.

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  • To protect the schools

    To stop schools shooting make the schools safe not all schools should have them but they are good to keep weapons out of schools but they should be in schools to make sure students aren’t bringing weapons to school but parents wouldn’t like their children getting search every day they should definitely be detectors in high school

  • Not at all

    Looking at the schools that do use metal detectors, It is always in schools in primarily poor and more minority populous areas. They are used as ways to tell kids from a young age that they are not trusted. Why would you trust someone that doesn't trust you. I can guarantee that if someone wanted to shoot up a school, Then they would find a way around the metal detectors. School should be a safe place, And that does not mean metal detectors, That means treating the students like human beings and having better mental health programs and things like that.

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