• Meth is safe

    I have been doing meth for years now. I don't think its addictive or dangerous when used in moderation like I do, I only use it in the mornings and afternoons everyday. I am very productive now that I only sleep 3 nights a week and have lost plenty of weight as well.

  • It'll help more than you think

    It has been proven in Portugal that the decriminalisation of meth works. Instead of spending tax payers money on arrested users and dealers they can put all that money into rehab centres to help people who want to get of it. Also if made legal itll be manufacturer in safe and clean factories and will be much better for people and also they can get rid of the psychosis components so the drug isnt as bad.

  • Make it legal

    Yes it should be legal. I am an ex-addict and I still believe that it can be made safe within society. There is dangers and that goes with all drugs legal and illegal. In moderation meth is great, you just need to limit the access to it. Allow a set amount person per day and you can curbe the abuse. Make it legal and reduce the crime.

  • Its good stuff

    I have been doing meth for years and i feel great. It makes you feel like you are alive and who doesn't love that. Nothing bad comes from it other than it being illegal. I have only lost 60 lbs,my job, and my wife and children. In the end it is definitely worth it cause meth is good and it will never leave you for your grandfather like my wife did.

  • To protect innocent homebuyers

    Meth is one of the worst, most dangerous drugs there is. But it should be legal. Why? Because having it illegal in addition to causing the ordinary problems with making any drug illegal: black market violence also leads to innocent people getting poisoned. Innocent homebuyers often don't know the house they are buying has been contaminated by an illegal meth lab and exposure themselves and their children to poison which can cause serious illness and death.

    If meth was legal it would be regulated and it would only be produced in factories, not in homes. No matter how much damage meth use does to the user, even if legalizing it would hypothetically lead to more users those users are doing it to themselves. Nobody made them smoke the meth. So why should we prioritize saving these people from themselves over protecting the innocent homebuyers?

    Furthermore, prohibition doesn't lead to people getting off drugs anyways. People go to jail, people join gangs, when people get out they have a record have a hard time getting a job, and they go back to their drug of choice often worse than before.

    And since taking drugs is illegal drug users don't share that they use with people outside of an inner circle of drug users, which provides consistently positive social reinforcement to their drug use. Contrast that with alcohol. An alcoholic is more likely to be confronted about their drinking problem. An illegal drug user not so much. So if you become addicted to alcohol you're more likely to get help for it than if you were addicted to an illegal drug.

  • Meth is good

    Meth is healthy, I was about 490 pounds when i started and now i'm only 180! This shit is amazing, I would like to see a decrease in cost because it's very expensive. I do meth everyday and i don't see the side effects that people are saying is real, Do meth kids!

  • Yes i love it


  • Making Meth illegal only increases the number of criminals.

    By demonising dependent drug use, Users have a lower tendency to seek help and support. Making Meth illegal only increases the number of criminals, It doesn't decrease the number of users. It also pushes an already struggling group of people further from the support systems like family and friends that they need.

  • Meth meth meth

    I fucking love meth its the greatest thing ever, i will never find a better substance than meth, its so fucking goooooooooooodddddd, meth is great so smoke that shit up my niggas!!!!! Meth meth meth meth is so so so good good good fuck yeah bitch hell yes nigga fuck!!!!

  • Meth should be legal

    If meth is legal the government has more control over how many people are addicted, who's addicted which would be able to give a better indication to rehab and health services when it comes to meth related issues.
    Aswell as this methamhetamine could be controlled with law entities controlling the manufacturing, distributing and production of the drug making it guarenteed to be safer

  • All the people who say yes are currently on meth wait a couple days without taking it then we can talk

    Ive meth a meth addict he was forty years old and he looked eighty his skin was crawled scabs all over his body three teeth facing differant directions and he was in f****** sane he was actually going to jail the day after for GBH

    ps hitler has also hooked on meth

  • No meth is bad

    I have seen many reasons why it shouldn't be legal, my aunt got into meth and the age of 16 my entire life I was taught to fear her, not one once but she has also charged at me and my father with a kitchen blade for calling the cops while she was sapposed to be babysitting but decided to call her buddies over and get her two kids, that she already lost custody of to do meth. Meth is bad I have more examples but this is enough for now.

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  • It hurts people

    Nooo meth is horrible! Meth kills people! I have had fam that have odded on it... And also i got taken from my parents bc they were on meth!! It ruined there and my life it should not be legal!! It has caused more harm then it has good! Nooo

  • It's dangerous and dumb

    Meth is made out of chemicals. It will eat you alive. It will slowly kill you. You may feel great while on it, but you'll develop health problems. It is disgusting. It turns you into someone you're not. It should stay illegal. I live where there is an oil boom, we have a HUGE meth problem here. I have lost many friends and loved ones to that disgusting drug. Nothing good ever comes out of it. It is addicting. If anything, legalize marijuana before METH. Meth destroies families, and yourself. After you do it once, you are hooked. And all you care about it that next fix. It is literally made out of battery acid. Before saying meth has medical purposes look up what people use to make it. For dumb.

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  • It destroys your life

    Why would you want to ruin your body? Yes, it makes you lose weight but people shouldn't want that so much anyway. There are much better, safer ways to lose weight.
    Meth addicts only live 5-10 years after they've started abusing it. It causes heart attacks, comas, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, trouble breathing, it ruins your teeth, muscles and makes you aggressive, psychotic and paranoid.
    Who would want this?

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  • People don't need access to meth

    Meth is not a fun, medicinal, of beneficial drug so it has no use for recreational drug users and if you're addicted to meth then I highly doubt you're a productive member of society. Regular people don't need such easy access to meth or it will cause a rise in meth users regardless of whether these people are doing it to themselves when it's legalized it could become fashionable or trendy (it can now as well, such as Molly and lean in all the rap songs).
    I agree with both sides there are always pros and cons but if meth was legalized they may as well legalize every drug.

  • No, meth should not be legal

    Meth should no be legal.... ever. I believe that meth is one of the most harmful are destructive drugs there is. There is absolutely no benefit to meth as it is, and if it were ever made legal it would cause nothing but destruction,disease, crime and voilence. Meth is so harmful that even one time of smoking it, can kill you.

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