• Meth is like weed, Meth should legal like weed.

    Meth is f***ing badass. Losers. , Lgbtqia+ is the way. Jesse look to walt and smiled softly notices the light budge in Walters sweaty dungarees, "Hey YO Mister sexy where you going with that meth pipe inn your pants? You can't leave until I've had a fill of your WHITE product" "Jesse what f**k are you talk, You've already sampled 99. 2% pure love juice" walt and Jesse lean in for passionate of love that that bitch Skyler know nothin bout, Bitch ass nigga. ~The end. They died and shit. Legalize and gay marriage.

  • Safe meth usage

    Meth has a lot of benefits like helping with social anxiety and depression. And we need meth without fentanyl and opioids because that's why people are hallucinating on meth. Clean meth is safer than cigarettes and alcohol. It will lower robbery and gun violence. Meth usage will up jobs and lower unemployment.

  • Decriminalize all drugs.

    We need to follow Portugal's example in decriminalizing drugs. Use of drugs has decreased. Drug-related deaths have dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. HIV infections related to drug use have also decreased. We have seen time and time again that prohibition doesn't work, So instead of this fruitless war on drugs, We need to focus on the rehabilitation of those already addicted. People are still able to get drugs when they're illegal. If drug use is treated like a disease, We are able to help the addicted without the fear of incarceration.

  • For the sake of people who don't use meth

    I want meth legalized so I a non-user of meth don't have to risk buying a house contaminated with meth (as legalized meth would be produced entire in regulated factory settings), I don't have to worry about getting hit in a driveby shooting by gangsters fighting over it, and I don't have to worry about being the victim of a drug raid on the wrong house.

    If legalizing meth means more people will try it then that's their stupid decision. At least non-users will be protected from the above-mentioned things.

    Although I'm of the opinion that people who want to use meth will do so anyways, so this would help them too, at least meth wouldn't be cut with impurities and the dose would be known.

    We could also and should also require all meth consumption (and the experience of the high) to take place in special, designated facilities so methheads aren't going around in public high on meth.

  • Yes, it should be,

    I do think meth should become legalized. But I believe this of all drugs. We've seen that in countries where drug use is legal that there are actually less citizens using it. And in countries where it is illegal, it is used often and there is an overflow in prisons.

  • No, this drug is too deadly to legalize

    Methamphetamine is a slow poison that destroys its users,
    and sometimes their families as well. Meth users are not enjoying a mild
    recreational pastime. They are taking a hard drug that will ruin their bodies,
    and sometimes their minds. They are
    addicts, who must serve the drug instead of themselves. The police may
    selectively enforce the drug laws nowadays, but they know that methamphetamine
    is one drug that should never be legal.

  • Prohibit societal harm

    What we do to our own bodies and with our own bodies should not be governed, this much is true, and there are many harmless psychedelic drugs that should not remain illegal while dangerous drugs like nicotine and alcohol are allowed. However, this does not apply to something like methamphetamine.

  • Don't legalize Meth.

    The public sentiment towards the legalization of some drugs appears to be shifting in its favor. We should not however consider legalizing all drugs, especially the more dangerous one
    like heroin and methamphetamine. These drugs are highly addictive and can cause a great deal more harm than other drugs like marijuana.

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