Should methods of rapid dissemination, such as the Internet, be government-regulated?

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  • Yes: Rapid Dissemination Channels Should Be Regulated

    Of course, protections like Net Neutrality need to preserved in law. This kind of regulation is essential for preserving a free internet. Government regulation should essentially stop there, however, in the sense that there should not be restrictions placed on the material available, nor should the government be permitted to pry into private conversations or associations.

  • No, the government shouldn't regulate such things.

    I do not believe that the government should regulate such methods of rapid dissemination such as the Internet. I think that it is something that the people should be able to decide and take care of themselves. It is something that the government needs to keep away from and mind their own business.

  • No, information dissemination is essential.

    Information should not be regulated whenever possible. The Internet, especially, shouldn't be regulated by the government. There isn't any reason for the government to get involved with regulating the Internet. Information should continue to be freely found and spread so that people can create their own interpretations and beliefs based on the information they get.

  • Let them be.

    No, methods of rapid dissemination, like the Internet, should not be government regulated, because the government would do too much to control thought. Even so-called fairness regulations prevent businesses that provide the internet from distinguishing between good and bad content and providing the internet quickly and fairly to all of us.

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