Should Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero have been released from prison?

  • Mexican drug lords should be locked up for life.

    Mexican drug lords have a negative effect on millions of
    people. I don’t think that they even
    know how many lives that their actions effect.
    Most of the drugs in America enter the country from Mexico. Thousands of people have died in the drug
    wars of Mexican cartels. These are
    reasons why people like Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero should never be
    released from prison.

  • Everyone Deserves Justice

    Americans are proud of our justice system, which promises
    everyone a fair trial. Yet our system sometimes makes mistakes. When a reversible
    error occurs in an American trial, someone who has been convicted improperly is
    entitled to be released, pending a new trial. Mexico is also a country of laws.
    There, Rafael Caro Quintero was found guilty in federal court of crimes that
    should have been tried in state court. His murder convictions were therefore
    improper. Out of respect for its system of justice, Mexico was forced to release Mr. Quintero, after he had served 28 years in prison.

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