• Back to Square One

    Mexicana Airlines needs to start back at square one. After the number of embarassing blunders, delays, financial impropriety, and other horror stories about the airline have been disseminated to the public, they have no choice but to start all over. Any other course of action for that airline would be a poor choice.

  • Of course not!

    Mexicana went so far. Yeah, they ceased operations. But, they started up again. It is worth to keep it at its level. Starting over means starting over from the start. That is crazy. Some people might be raged. But look, Mexicana should not start over. It is the peace that counts.

  • No, there are enough airlines without it.

    No, Mexicana Airlines should not start over, because there are enough airlines without Mexicana Airlines. There are plenty of other airlines in existence and Mexico and the rest of the world can survive without Mexicana Airlines. Plenty of carriers serve Mexico and the region, including lots of American Airlines, such as Delta.

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