• Mexico should be apart of the u.S

    I think mexico should be part of the u.S . Mexico aint even that bad oml . If you dont want nun to do with the cartel , dont be associated with it . Mexico is beautiful . Many mexicans come to the u.S to find jobs . Like why not give em a chance ? All mexicans arent harmful , mexicans juss come to the u.S for more opportunities and to make money for their family . Who ever saying mexicans are harmful thats basically a stereotype . But i think mexico should be part of the u.S .

  • No ,because did they support america

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  • Do you want the drug cartels to come visit your town? I don't think so!

    Mexico is a country in the midst of a civil war between the drug cartels and their current government. This is especially true in the northern part of the country. A lot of drug cartel members cross the border everyday to smuggle drugs to their primary customers in the United States. Now, a lot of people who do cross the borders are innocent refugees, but the drug smugglers cross the border too. As I said earlier the drug cartels primary customers are Americans. If Mexico and the USA unite the drug cartels will cross the old border to sell to their customers. From there it will not be pretty for the US. Since there are numerous cartels competing for the same customers, the cartels will fight each other for power in American cities, much like what is going on in Mexico right now. Law enforcement will try to intervene, but it will not work because the cartels are simply too savvy. As a result innocent Americans will die in the crossfire between these cartels. Also, Mexico is a third world country. The United States who is already in debt would have to improve the whole infrastructure of the country. This would cost the US a lot of money and I am not sure if this is the best away to spend American money. This deal may be satisfactory for Mexico, but it is a terrible deal for the United States and its citizens.

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