Should Mexico be considered a terrorist country?

Asked by: garyjones027
  • The main goal of Mexico is to bring down the United States.

    Mexico has an agenda which is to destroy the United States. It's first plan was to start a drug war which it did. It's second plan was to send its citizens across the border illegally and bring down the American people which also happened. For this reason, the United States should break off all relations with Mexico, seal the border, start a blockade, and consider it as a state that sponsors terrorism.

  • Impoverished, and devastated by gang wars. But no terrorism.

    Mexico has been devastated from years of horrific gang wars. Hundreds of thousands of people have died in the "Drug Wars". Mexico is a terribly unstable country, with a incredibly corrupt government that cares little for its people.

    However..... All this aside, nothing Mexico has done would surmount to being a "terrorist country".

  • Mexico has never in recent history attacked the US

    Mexico in any way supports terrorism or anything like and we do not condone it in anyway however we do cause trouble to the US in drug related stuff it is not only mexico fault but the US fault for being consumers plus for what I searched there hasnt been a mass shooting or a terrorist attack made by a mexican in us soil

  • Mexico has no legal basis to consider as a terrorist country.

    There is no conclusive evidence of doing terrorist activities in Mexico because it adheres to the ideological values of Catholicism and Fox liberalism. I think the only terrorist countries fit in the description are Iraq, North Korea, Russia, and Cuba. Terrorist countries don't adhere to democracy and it is the best to look at the current state of Mexico rather than wishful thinking that Mexicans are "good people". The only terrorists in the United States are Donald Trump, his Cabinet, his Administration, his family, and the Republican Party.

  • Mexico has no terrorist organization as a country.

    The acts you have mentioned are not terrorist activities. There is no evidence that Mexico "sends in" immigrants illegally, rather this is the free will of said immigrants. Hardly any countries are considered "terrorist" but rather groups. Drug cartels can be considered vehicles of terror, but they do not specifically target the US or their citizens.

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