Should Mexico be considered as an enemy to the United States?

Asked by: garyjones027
  • Yes they are an enemy of the USA.

    American Democrats and leftist orgs in the USA are allied with the Mexican government with a goal of white genocide within the USA. Together hey are facilitating an invasion of the USA by the poorest and most violent people they can find throughout Latin America.

    American ethnic whites tend to be more successful than minorities counterparts and resit socialist mandates citing the USA constitution and the free market capitalism that made the USA so successful.

    The Democrats cannot implement their leftist socialist policies until the white population in the USA is greatly reduced and replaced by a genetically lower IQ people who are easily exploited.

    Mexico is more than willing to help attack America in a subversive manner. They cannot win a war with conventional arms against the USA. They lost 2 wars already against, 1st Texians Rebels, They later lost to the United States Army. Both losses cost Mexico great treasure in territory and influence which they have to date never fully recovered from.

    Close to 25% of Mexico's citizens are living fugitive lives in the USA as illegal border crosser. Mexico reaps billion of dollars economically from remittance payments made back to Mexico every years by their citizens living lives as fugitive illegals within the USA. The wall will stop illegal immigration, human smuggling and narcotics as well as remittance which will almost certainly crash Mexico's economy which is based on Human Smuggling, Narcotics sales and remittance payments.

  • It should be considered a terrorist country.

    Mexico should be considered an enemy country. This is because the government has an agenda to destroy the American people by sending its citizens across the border to destabilize the country. The Mexican's government main goal is to destroy the United States through illegal immigration and start a drug war.

  • Never... Just Never...

    F**king racist dogs think they should consider mexico as their enemy. Okay. They can be the most lethal countries ever but it's still not a thing to be considered as their enemy. They are considered as the member of UN and our friend. Here is some reasons below why they are our friend

    1. They helped us during World War I
    Many of you won't believe this but in reality they helped the UK, France, And the Russians... In 23 April 1916. They declared Mexico as Allied Contestants.

    2. Okay Trump... A fricking wall?
    What's the bulls*it wall need for USA? To defend themselves from a 2-year old playing with a toy knife?? That's f**ked up. Trump don't be a crybaby. Just consider mexico as our great friend.

    3. Thank you Mexico for bringing us wheat and rice!
    Mexico is importing Wheat and Rice to europe and USA... The WHOLE TIME since 1960. This is a great thing to Europe and USA. We can survive a hundred years more with Wheat and Rice. Thank you mexico. Donald, you should thank them too...

  • No point in debating this

    If you think Mexico is a terrorist country go and visit yourself and try understand another country that isn't yours. America is considerably a terrorist country to many countries globally. It acts outside of its jurisdiction in foreign lands. Also don't forget that a huge majority of America's wealth comes from countries like Mexico when industrial globalization was enacted enabling your big companies to move jobs offshore. No country should be considered an enemy to another there are always ties that have the capacity to unify borders.

  • No it should be considered a friend

    Even though mexico isn't a strong nation its always been loyal to the American country even during the communist era it produced propaganda to support Americas goal to end the soviets. The people who come here are hard workers that any Californian would gladly say they have improved our communities and are part of the American people. Students like those in daca have done nothing but improve our system and although mexico isn't the best and purest country it tends to work with us and help us in times of need. I consider that a loyal friend.

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