• Yes, we should do it.

    Mexico has a lot of natural resources, America will come the first world country even better than China, big country, big natural resources to explode and make make atomic bombs or what ever we want, plus we will have more control of real spy or bad people, after all Mexicans all they want is work.

  • Listen they have oil.

    It would benefit us and them. Mexico has oil and we need oil, and we have a strong military and economic force that would help them build stuff. We can get rid of the drug cartels. It would solve our illegal immigration problem, and it would benefit both countries. It would help out a lot.

  • Mexico is already here

    A majority of the American culture is being fixed to meet the cultural values of Mexico; the combining of the two countries would only make us stronger and greatly reduce the continuous struggle of immigration. Also it would give the us a direct opportunity to fight off the increasing drug cartel dangers.

  • damn strait.

    Yes ofcoars it should. Your immagration and your drug problem would lesson. Not to mention my country aus would have less cartels to deal with from mexico if they're wiped out during statehood. And for legal use by the president and his staff for food. Mining housing . Industry etc.

  • It would help the illegal immigrant problem

    and it would increase potential tax revenue. The drug cartels would be a bit troublesome at first though but they are really only bad due to the corruption in the Mexican government. The main reasons for my support for Mexico becoming a state is due to the illegal immigrants. Make these people all citizens by incorporating their country into ours and we will no longer have to spend money on people who don't even pay taxes. We could just make them a Commonwealth state as well though and that could help those issues too. US influence will help fix Mexico's broken and corrupt government as well as the overall quality of life for the people who live there.

  • More States

    Absolutely. North America needs to continue the consolidation process to better compete with the expanding E.U. and other more populous states like China and India. What better vehicle to do so than admitting Mexico's states to the United States? It would without doubt be a complex transaction (especially rooting out Mexico's corruption and drug violence problems), but it will be worth it in the end.

  • Yes, it could

    I think that it would be ok. But it would have to become several states. I think that it would be a good idea to get some things that go on down there under control. I am not sure what it would to for the current US though. It might hurt us now while we focused on it.

  • Saves money and perpetually beneficial.

    Obama has spent over 30 billion in the war on drugs, and the border right now is a multi-multi-billion dollar operation. It cost an incredible amount. The negative in this debate offers some logical theories, but nothing that convinced me of TRUE disadvantages. The pro has several areas - oil, food, taxes that we would benefit from. Also President Obama and bordering state governors have already discussed the possibilities of making Mexico the 51st state. I think it would solve current problems, and open the door to, yes, new problems but we would experience economic success that would assist us in addressing the new problems. Just my 2 cents.

  • Benefits for all

    Would prevent splitting of families (immigration), US would get access to natural resources (oil) plus more cultures in the mix of the us (diversity is a good thing) and they have a better access to handle illegal drug trades and crime on their doorstep - all over a healthier world... (can't we all just get along)

  • Yeah we should do it!

    It would save us billions of dollars a year, due to the current state of the US, it would be logical to make Mexico a state. $11.5 billion saved from border patrol and the trillions of dollars collected from new taxes. We wont lose all the companies that were moving out of America, and lower taxes throughout America, I don't see a reason as to why not.

  • NO

    It would be a bureaucratic nightmare, and people already complain that they don't speak English, have un-American cultural values, and have the audacity to not be white. I'm not saying those people are right but integrating Mexico would just get them even more upset. Plus, Mexico is huge, and would make the map of the country look silly.

  • No Mexico

    No way do I think that Mexico should become a part of the United States of America. We won our independence from them and they should stay separate. There are so many drug wars and cartels and killings over there right now, so no I don't think that Mexico should join the US.

  • No Mexico

    No, I do not think that the country of Mexico should become a state and be part of the US. We have long ago won our independence from Mexico. Coming together would be a disaster. So many crazy things are going on now in Mexico, we would be crazy to want them to be part of the US.

  • NEVER. This is not right!

    Mexico is its own country and it's too large to become one whole state. It wouldn't sound right for someone to say they were born in Mexico, California. Plus Mexico's language is Spanish and ours is English. Too many people are racist and there will be many problems among the citizens.

  • It must not

    I live in the US and am Mexican born. And I can tell you already, that many other countries view the US as imperialists. This would not only cause anger in Mexico, but in the whole world. The US is already close to another war in Iran along with the North Korean threats. So doing this could cause a war, or at least a terrorist attack.

  • Mexico can not become part of the USA!

    I don't see how can anybody benefit from this. Mexicans and Americans don't like each other so we can not become one whole country with them. That doesn't make any sense. Uniting Mexico and America is like gathering all the continents and making them all become one. Mexico is a county not a state and it should stay that way !

  • No this can NOT be!

    I think this will cause major destruction. I will not be comfortable knowing they are part of the United States. This will cause riots. How will this be any fair to other latin countries ? People from other latin countries cross the border too not just Mexicans. They have their own county and it needs too stay that way.

  • Nope it cant

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  • Why?

    What would having mexico become the 51st state accomplish? Mexico is a country unto itself, fully capable of self-governance and independence. perhaps economies might become strengthened, and there would not be any more border issues, but these are not strong enough reasons to change the entire continent as we know it.

  • The USA has their noses in evey thing I

    I think evey state should have their own palaces own rules and I am a Canadian by the way I can't be leave that Canada is letting the USA rule evey thing we are a free country here . I think the USA should mine their own dame business by the way and if they did .They wouldn't be having the buildings blown up by other counties .Becouse they have thir noses stuck where it doesn't belong

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