• The money could help the government

    Mexico is run by very powerful criminal elements that no regard for human life and they basically run the place. The police?? Well what can they do... They get paid bribes. Making Marijuana legal takes a LOT of power and money away from these drug cartels and into the hands of the government if its taxed and controlled. It will help the country in the end. And besides this stuff should be legal in all countries!!

  • Decriminalize marijuana but not other drugs

    The war against drugs failed miserably in many ways. But decriminalizing marijuana for its uses in other things might help out Mexico's economy. The trick is that the other harder drugs that are smuggled, like heroin, and cocaine, must still be policed. This is what should be considered, if decriminalizing marijuana would effect that.

  • Mexico should decriminalize marijuana.

    Mexico should decriminalize marijuana. I think by making it legal you are making the streets safer because people will not have to fight over it or worry about the police getting involved. I also think it would be better for the economy and we know that we need that about now.

  • Yes they should.

    Decriminalizing marijuana would help to decrease their crime rate of the past decade. However, If the US decriminalized the drug as well, they it would really help them out. Marijuana is harmless compared to a lot of other drugs that are legal in these countries like alcohol and prescription pills.

  • They already did this.

    Mexico decriminalized the use of marijuana in 2009, along with small amounts of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and crystal meth. The question has been settled there, the matter is done. But how effective has it been? We often hear stories these days of violent drug lords operating and controlling parts of Mexico. I'm not so sure it's been the best route for them.

  • Mexico Should Decriminalize Marijuana

    Yes, Mexico should decriminalize marijuana as the drug is less harmful than alcohol, a substance which is legal in Mexico. In addition, much of the marijuana trade in Mexico is done through powerful and violent drug cartels which would take a financial hit if the average citizen could purchase marijuana legally.

  • No, marijuana should remain illegal.

    The marijuana lobby has been very successful in convincing people that marijuana is safe and should be legal. But the facts don't back it up. Smoking is dangerous and abusive to the lungs, and we don't yet know the long term affects of prolonged exposure to marijuana. A lot more research needs to happen before we will know if it's safe or not. Because of that, I agree with any country that wishes to keep it illegal for the time being.

  • Marijuana and Mexico

    Mexico already has a huge drug problem. Decriminalizing marijuana would just encourage smugglers to bring in more and more marijuana to smuggle past US borders. Since Mexico cannot manage to effectively enforce its drug laws, however, the laws passed are insignificant. The drug cartels will continue their reign of terror.

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