• Yes and this is why.

    Look if you make drugs legal it will drop drug related killings also instead of putting drug users in jail, we can use that money to help biggier issues. We shouldn't help waste money on people who dont want to be helped. It was there choice to pick up the pipe in the first place. If they really needed help they can turn themselves into a rehab center.

  • For the fight against corruption and for stability legalization is required

    Mexico has a big Problem with corruption and thus a big problem with its govermenting system. The Reason this is a thing is, that the cartel and the drug trafficers from latin america have immense power and ressources to corrupt officials for making their business easier. This is my argument and i think drugs are bad, hmmkay?

  • Yes if it lessens crime.

    The country of Mexico should legalize drugs to try and decrease the amount of murder, crime and fear that the drug life brings to our neighbor. People fear going anywhere outside of the vacation resorts because of the criminal activity that surrounds drugs. Legalizing drugs might lessen gang violence and also bring in money and business that may increase safety.

  • Legalize 'Em all

    Give the US back its failed drug policies. You don't see the makers of Budweiser massacring the the people at Miller. If dumb-asses want to ruin their lives with meth, coke, and heroin then let them. Drug abuse in the USA is the USA's problem, don't keep making it yours.

  • Legalize the production and distribution

    Make it a problem to the USA not Mexico. Then legal cartels would only have to find a way to get it over the border. They could grow it and transport it legally in Mexico. It would quickly end most drug violence in Mexicvo. Of course violence/murder would still be illegal in Mexico.

    Why are Mexicans dying over a USA problem. Let the Americans try to stop the drugs flowing over the border.

  • Mexico should legalize marijuana.

    Legalizing marijuana, while still a drug, would create far more advantages than disadvantages. It would help to reduce cartel violence along the border, and it is indisputably the least harmful of drugs. It can already be very easily obtained. Teenagers, and anyone in fact, can go out and within minutes have it. There is no winning this war. It has been fought for hundreds of years with no success. We should just take advantage of the already very prevalent marijuana. It would explode trade between the United States and Mexico, and it would allow the police of both countries to focus on real crime than just potheads. It would save tons of money alone just on kicking the potheads out of jail. While drugs being gone altogether would be ideal, it isn't going to happen. But legalizing marijuana is a good start to taking advantage of what's already available.

  • Drugs and pstitution,

    It worked with alcohol, tobacco, and coffee. Many people who want drugs legal wont voice their opinion because they fear they will be persecuted. When a non tobacco user smokes a cigarette they get dizzy, nauseous, impaired motor functions, yet we allow smokers to drive school busses. Smoke too much pot and you will loose motor function, as with too much tobacco or alcohol. The remarkable thing is when people use too much alcohol and loose motor function they tend to drive 80 m.P.H, if they use too much pot they tend to drive 8m.P.H. Mexico should legalize all drugs and prostitution to foreigners. When the foreigners spend all their money on drugs and prostitution, send then home. Prostitution job positions should only be given to migrant workers. So Americans would have to get green cards to work in Mexico as prostitutes, male or female, only foreigners can be prostitutes. Mexicans own the brothels, bars, and head shops, Americans and other foreigners could spend their money there. Tourism would explode in Mexico and Mexicans wouldn't have to sneak to America illegally to work. Quite the contrary, Americans would travel there looking for employment, as prostitutes. Everybody would have to be adults. Pursuit of happiness is trivial. Mine differs from yours. Lets face it, why did God make the
    Devil, so we could have free will. God didn't destroy temptation, he created it via the Devil. If God doesn't take away the right to choose, who are we to. Make no mistake, Prostitution or drugs of any kind, even tobacco or alcohol, pushed on the unwilling especially children, should be prohibited. It has been said to me we should just kill drug users like China did. Well, crack kills. So give the hopeless relapsing addicts the drug. Allow them to live there lives, and end it, the way they want because its there pursuit of happiness. Allow them to do it in a manner consistent with order, not the authoritarian manner law enforcement is forced to imposed now.

  • And prohibit anyone with a former connection with a drug cartel from participating in the business

    Replace the armed, violent thugs with legitimate businessmen. Then if more people do drugs at least there won't be more violence. If there is more competition between the businesses at least they solve any problems in the marketplace or in the courtroom and not on the streets. Taxes can be used to pay for rehabilitation services for addicts. The current climate does not help drug addicts get clean because they have to do it in secret and so only share their behavior with the subculture. That sort of climate encourages addiction. It would also be harder to quit smoking if smokers only ever discussed their habits around known yay-sayers.

  • Most Anglo-centric question ever?

    The question -and the way some voters interpreted it- seems to imply that Mexico exists for the sole purpose of producing drugs to be introduced to the US market. While that may describe the border areas with some degree of credibility, it is grossly false for the rest of the country. Even big cities relatively close to the border -such as Monterrey- have a perfectly normal life that does not revolve around drug traffic, which is not to say that it does not exist. With that in mind, Mexico should treat drugs like any other civilized country, which is, legalization of some drugs is likely to have a negative impact on society -worse health situation, some reduction in crime but criminals likely to move to other activities anyway- and therefore cannot be justified. Some other, less harmful drugs may be legalized but certainly not all of them.

  • It makes a society worse

    Children will grow into a world full of violence and legalizing drugs will contribute to this situation and future for the children. We should not legalize drugs it will cause violence and will encourage people to actually commit acts of terrorism. This is something that should not be promoted or encouraged. If you want to grow up in a world of fear and leave this world crumbling down for future generations, this is the perfect way to do it.

  • No, that would further increase the ease in which the cartels can operate.

    They should legalize guns for (non cartel) law abiding Mexicans to defend themselves. That way the drug cartels and corrupt government are not the only ones holding a monopoly on self defense, intimidation and running rough shot over the defenseless Mexican people. If one cartel member was killed for every 3 innocent people, the ease in which they spread violence and fear would be dramatically decreased. Now legalizing drugs in the United States would be a whole different story, that would kill the demand for Mexican drugs, then they could legalize them and it wouldn't have much effect.

  • No, it will cause problems.

    Legalizing drugs will provide more danger in society. There will be drugs being sold everywhere you go. If people have easy access to drugs, more people will use them. Also, people with easy access to drugs will get addicted and will not be able to stop buying and using them, and the more drugs there are the cheaper the prices will be, adding to this problem. This could end fatally.

  • Drug smuggling would become worse.

    I do not believe that Mexico should legalize drugs, and I believe that legalization of drugs would keep the crime rate climbing instead of decreasing. I believe that Americans and other nationalities would do whatever it takes to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border for resale in other countries where drugs are illegal, and legalization of drugs would serve no purpose.

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