• It can be taxed.

    While marijuana obviously isn't good for you, whether it is legal or not, it will be easily accessible to anybody trying to smoke. We can tax it to go towards our economy. As a Washington state native and recreational marijuana smoker, I understand that it does kill brain cells and slows development in the growing brain. However, this is my choice I am making and I am aware of the consequences. I think that it should be legal to use recreationally at the age of 21, and medicinally at the age of 18. Like alcohol, this can be kept away from kids by simply governing your children. Giving your child marijuana, like the mother in Ohio a couple years back, is clearly a stupid decision on the parents' part, but is that really any different than giving a young child alcohol? The only difference is that alcohol is legal. America needs to keep an open mind on advocating marijuana legalization, as it can be used to the benefit of our economy.

  • I think so.

    I think that it would be a great idea if both Mexico and the United States legalized marijuana. I believe that the number of people in prison would be greatly reduced and that a lot of the violence in Mexico involving drug trafficking would be reduced as well. I also don't believe there is any harm in using it that isn't present in some already legal drugs.

  • Mexico should legalize marijuana.

    Mexico should legalize marijuana. This would eliminate a lot of the drug trafficking business that Mexican cartels have with the United States, which would cut down on crime in both Mexico and the United States. Also, police would be more available for things that are more pressing than arresting people who imbibe in marijuana.

  • Everyone Needs To

    If alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs get to be legal and is way more harmful to society, then marijuana should be legal. No one has aver overdosed on marijuana. Marijuana has many more benefits than alcohol, tobacco, and what prescription drugs do Not to mention, the criminal activity that is related to marijuana is unnecessary.

  • Mexico should legalize marijuana.

    Mexico should legalize marijuana. This would stop most of the fighting of groups if we legalized the drug and keep the police from arresting people with it. I think that the economy in Mexico would benefit from the sell of marijuana and we all know that the economy needs a boost.

  • Mexico should legalize marijuana.

    Mexico should legalize marijuana in order to deprive drug cartels of one of their sources of income. If marijuana became legal, the government could control its sale and distribution. Marijuana could also provide an important source of tax revenue for the government. The war on drugs is not working, and it's time to make a change.

  • I believe that Mexico should legalize marijuana.

    I believe that Mexico should legalize marijuana. Legalizing marijuana could possibly reduce
    some of the violence in Mexico that is associated with the drug trade of the
    Mexican cartels. Also, the legalization
    of marijuana in Mexico could boost the Mexican economy by bringing in millions
    of dollars in revenue from marijuana sales.

  • Mexico should legalize marijuana

    Mexico should legalize marijuana. Studies and reports have shown that a vast population of marijuana farmers indeed reside within Mexican borders. These plantations are controlled by underground organizations, and federal law enforcement has been unable to exercise any authority in controlling these organizations. If marijuana were legalized, then federal enforcement can intervene and transfer power back to the state.

  • Marijuana doesn't just hurt yourself

    Marijuana smokers that use the drug as they develop from their teens to adult hood on average lose 8 IQ points. Now of course you can say, well they're just hurting themselves, but they're not. If you make it legal, people will believe that it's ok to use because their governemnt just legalized it for their entire country to use. So more people will begin to abuse the drug and lose IQ points. As the population becomes stupider, the workforce becomes stupider. This stupider workforce makes it harder for the countries economy to grow and develop which hurts everyone. The government shouldn't be endorsing a schedule 1 drug. Most marijuana users will continue to buy the drug illegaly anyway. So is the amount of tax revenue worth the weakening work force? Would you rather build the economy off the hard work of the people or off of the purchases of drugs?

  • No, marijuana is bad for you.

    Marijuana is bad for you. Marijuana overdoes cause over 693,000 deaths every year. Over half that overdose are kids under 18. Marijuana also causes poverty, as well as slows your reaction time which could cause more car accidents. But using marijuana is a self chose and no one is stopping you. It's your life, doing better things than spend it wasting away on drugs.

  • Marijuana is bad for you

    Marijuana is bad for you because it could possibly kill you or harm you if you take too much at one time. Also who is to say how much you could have, you could buy a lot at one time and this could cause problems. Therefore, you could bring it to illegal places such as a school and kids could get some. This would be bad because the exposure of marijuana to kids is threatening.

  • Marijuana is bad for you.

    It could possibly kill you or create damages to your body if you have enough of it at one time. Because who is to say how much you could have, you could have an endless amount if you wanted to. Nobody will stop you. Therefore, marijuana is illegal in some places such as school, so people could bring it in school and get other people in trouble and create problems.

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