• The war on drugs is a scapegoat

    If the US want to stop the war on drugs the frist thing this country need to do is help the millions of drug addicts to recover , remember this is a supply and demand market . If i remeber well the US Government promoted the sell of pot though the CIA and use the revenue generated to instigate more wars , this country is so corrupted, have thir nose in everyones elses busines

  • Mexico should legalize and export mariguana

    It will be a inmense source of revenue much needed for the country , plus will require to have control on the cartel. This money could well be ised to pay the debt . Will be able to use part of the revenue to have better education, better education will allow poor people have a better life . With that said it will avoid mexicans crossing the border and being abused and discriminate by the white racist people of the US

  • The War on Drugs Is A Failure

    I believe it would be smart for Mexico to legalize marijuana. The prohibition of marijuana has caused countless problems for Mexico and the United States both. I believe the United States is making strides in legalizing marijuana and at least ending the most senseless portion of the War on Drugs. I think it would help if Mexico would do the same.

  • Mexico should legalize pot.

    The prohibition against drugs in Mexico has not been good for the country. In order to stop the long standing war with the drug cartels, the Mexican government should legalize drugs. Although this is a drastic measure, it is the only way to cut the profits of the cartels and end the violence.

  • Yes, Mexico would benefit from legalizing pot.

    The current trend is toward legalization of marijuana for a multitude of reasons. Mexico is still a struggling economy and would benefit from the legalization and taxation of this drug. Further, if it were legal in Mexico, the country could export it. Marijuana grows well in Mexico, and with the trend toward legalization, the market is open.

  • Mexico should legalize pot.

    Mexico should legalize pot. They are their own country but they should think about the benefits of legalizing the drug. The crime rate associated with this plant would go down and their economy would benefit with the legalization. I think this would be good for everyone to be able to legalize it.

  • Government might as well profit

    The government of Mexico might as well legalize marijuana because the production, sale, and distribution of marijuana in Mexico is so widespread that they might as well profit. The government sanctioning marijuana might as well legally recognize marijuana - in doing so, revenue can be generate above board, as opposed to in bribes.

  • No bad idea in Mexico

    I don't think anyone should legalize pot, but it could be especially dangerous for Mexico. Drug crime is already very bad in Mexico and if you turn and legalize pot then you are opening the drug market wide open and will see in increase in violence and danger. Fighting the war on drugs is Mexico's best option.

  • It is not we who should legalize it

    I think it suffices to say that the U.S.A. should legalize it first. Once that happens I believe that the income for drug cartels will have decreased significantly to stop the illegal drug trade and the war that it started. Once the U.S.A. legalizes it if the problem still exists THEN México should legalize its drugs. Pot itself will hardly make a difference however...

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