• Mexico Should Revolt

    Mexico's government is run as a pyramid scheme where instead of TRYING to govern efficiently a culture of CORRUPTION has entrenched itself. The Mexican government sees it as their RIGHT to govern, not their DUTY. The barriers to entry into an election by outsiders are astronomical. Revolution by any means is the ONLY way to save and change Mexico.

  • Poverty, violence and corruption.

    All of these factors add up to make perfec deplorable living conditions. You would think Mexicans to be smart enough to not withstand this and fight for their freedom. On the contrary they have become complacent, instead have learnt to cheat each other and to be content with the crumbs falling off of the corrupt politician's table. Lol That's trickle down economics for ya.

  • Mexico SHOULD Overthrow The Government

    I am actually planning on doing so in 2 to 3 years. I have all of it planned out and also, the people of Mexico HATE the current president so it wouldn't be so hard to get supporters. The only issue I see are the narcos. They give money to the president in exchange for their freedom. Stay tuned.

  • Slay the secular beast that people like Benito Juárez raised

    It's because of Secularism, the constitutions of 1857 and 1917, the reform laws, calles, laws, liberalism, secularization, republicanism, socialism, anticlericalism, anti Catholicism, etc that put Mexico in the current condition it is in right now, and with the creation of political parties that divide people rather than being non partisan or independent so there is no majority nor minority creating equality in the legislative branch, and there is also a lot of necessary progress that could have been achieved years ago. There is a need for an end of a republican government in Mexico since it had faced almost nothing but wars, revolutions, territorial losses, economic problems, near extermination or acts of genicide of catholics in mexico, etc so we better off under a constitutional monarchy.

  • Mexico has no HOPE

    If a major revolution was to take place, it would be bloody and worthless... History teaches that afterward, even worse people come to power. Cuba is the perfect example.
    Mexicans have NO WAY of overthrowing its government... No weapons... No training... And many NO DESIRE... Mexicans are cursed with a POOR MENTALITY that if does not affect them personally, WHO CARES...

  • The only way to make it right.

    Mexico for many years has been struggling with corruption amongst the government, I believe it's time to take a stand. The only way to fix the problems is by completely reorganizing the government and that means to remove everybody that's in it and start fresh. Rewrite the constitution in order for it to make sense in today's age.

  • Yes, but they have been a victim of Anglo imperialism for too long as well

    Blame Teddy Roosevelt for the problems in Mexico. He basically looted and conquered the area during the Progressive era. He was a warmongering piece of crud. He caused so many problems for the Mexican people, it's hilarious. It's the same he did to Panama. As long as USA remains an imperialist, elitist state, this won't end.

  • Mexico should Riseup

    The people of Mexico need to rise up and overthrow their Government. Their Government is the reason why they are poor and have no jobs, then they come over here(not that I have a problem with illegal immigrants). My point is that it is a waste of the taxpayer's money to fund Border Patrol and I.N.S., because all they can do is give them a record and then send them back, where they'll end up trying to cross the border again. I believe with the help of the U.S. We can help train Mexico to overthrow its Government just like we try to do with the Bay of Pigs, only this time it should be fool proof.

  • Cause they shouldnt!

    Actually I don't really know I am only 13 and I just want is best for all the people of Mexico, so sorry for saying no, if that's the wrong answer, but I was doing a Social Studies project and found this so.... Really all I want is the best option!

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