• Underground Rap Is Not Lowbrow

    Rap is easily dismissed as lowbrow because of the subject matter being dealt with by some of the mainstream artists, but the underground scene often deals with more important social and political issues. Underground rappers like MF Grimm rap about controversial subjects that mainstream rappers can not, and the underground rap ends up being more original and thought-provoking.

  • Yes, MF Grimm is an intellect

    It would be a mistake to dismiss MF Grimm as just a rapper. He is a poet speaking to a generation. He is a Allen Ginsberg, a Joan Biaz, a Bob Dylan. Artists that were able to put into words a vision of the world that has not been communicated. To me, that is supreme intellect. Because MF Grimm didn't go to a ivy league school or 140 on his IQ test, does not make him unintelligent. It would do humanity a disservice to have such a limited view on intellect.

  • I do not know who MF Grimm is.

    Does Grimm show superior intellect? If so then yes he should be given credit for it. If he doesn't show superior intellect he may either be hiding it from the masses or he really isn't as smart as he says he is. I can't say one way or the other.

  • Yes, he should.

    MF Grimm should be better respected. He is an intelligent person who has great skills and knowledge. Much of this gets dismissed because he is a black rapper. He is much more intellectual and intelligent than most people give him credit for, and his recent contributions prove how intelligent he is.

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