• Campbell fails to turn the tide in 7 seasons

    The Dolphins have not had a winning record in seven seasons, all under the leadership of Dan Campbell. He has stated that he's "tried everything"; if he's not able to turn it around in seven seasons, someone else from outside the franchise should be hired to replace him. A coach cannot continually blame the players for the errors on the field, no more so than a general can blame the soldiers.

  • No, the Miami Dolphins fire their coaches too quickly

    No, the Miami Dolphins football team should not fire the head coach, Dan Campbell. The team has a history of firing a coach fairly suddenly. The players relate well to Dan Campbell and this goes far for teamwork. This team has suffered some major injuries this season, which could reason for the average season wins and losses. Dan Campbell needs more time to work through the kinks and get on the same page with his team on the field.

  • It takes time to build a team.

    The Dolphins already fired Joe Philbin less than halfway into the season. It would be hasty to fire Dan Campbell, when he has won games. The issues that the Dolphins have seem to have very little to do with coaching at this rate. There likely needs to be changes to the roster - especially on the defensive side. If Campbell was fired, it would really make the job for Dolphins coach look really unappealing. Who would want to work for a team that will fire you mid-season and fire you without completing a season? Especially when there are many teams out there that will give their coaches a real chance to succeed.

  • The buck doesn't stop at Cambell

    Dan Campbell, though a member of the Miami Dolphins' staff for 6 years, does not hold responsibility for the losing record the organization holds. He, like any new head coach, should be given a year to clear house and a year to establish his methods. Now that he holds the reins, he should be given a fair chance.

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