Should Miami Marlins' organization retire Fernandez number after his tragic death?

  • Yes, they should

    Yes, they should since that number was associated to Fernandez and it was his. It would be a symbolic sign of sorrow for this tragically deceased man. Every organization or sports club should do such a thing. This shows that he meant something for the organization and that he could never be replaced.

  • Yes, the Miami Marlins should retire pitcher Fernandez number

    The tragic death of the Miami Marlins' pitcher Jose Fernandez is a sad loss for his family and team. Retiring his number would be one way to honor him and show respect for their team member. There could also be a scholarship named in his honor as a way to encourage young people to honor his legacy.

  • Yes, they should.

    Jose Fernandez death was a tragic accident, and he was a great player who would have continued to do great things and he deserves to be honored. Retiring the number of a player who died is a great tradion and it is one that Jose Fernandez deserves the honor of.

  • No, they should not retire Fernandez's number.

    Retiring a player's number should be reserved for players who have been historically transcendent on the field or single handedly altered the character of an organization through their efforts. While Fernandez was a good player, he was not a player of that magnitude and there are better ways to honor his contributions to the Cuban American community.

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