Should Michael Goves's decision on kids staying in school for 10 hours be put in place?

Asked by: viperimz
  • Its good for the kids

    Kids need more time to learn more stuff. America is at the bottom of the education list. Our children need to be in school more so they can know more when they get older. We don't spend enough time in school anyways. Children have enough time on there own anyways

  • Who want to do that

    Who wants to spend 10 hours at school! Most working hours for parents are less than 10 hours. Anyways, if the school is 10 hours long they would have less time at home. And anyway who is Micheal Goves?????? . . . . . . . . . .. .

  • Most adult work days aren't even that long.

    Kids, especially young kids, would get extremely tired and have no time to be kids. Older kids would have much less time for a part time job, homework, extra- circulars or applying for scholarships. Kids are not mature enough to handle that much school without becoming extremely stressed out. Let them be kids, don't give them longer work days than their parents.

  • That's around three extra hours a day!

    I myself am a student; I must admit that I do actually like school, but by the end of the day am ready to go home. If by the time three o'clock came I had to stay for an extra three hours, I'd be so angry. Michael Gove does not understand what is right and in the best interests of the students. He thinks that this will benefit students, but it wont. Once I get bored and tired, I go into a mode that stops learning. If anything, I would learn less than I already do from these plans. Michael Gove is becoming a hazard to my education. I think that I am doing well at school, I enjoy my time with my friends but also take a lot from lessons. If that changes because of these plans, I will not be happy.

  • Michael Gove doesn't fully understand the needs of Children in schools.

    Drug dealers, rapists and nutters are more likely to be out at 6PM which may lead to a sharp increase in underage victims of crime. Gove also doesn't understand that those in schools are already unresponsive and need more stimuli by three o'clock so it would be better to improve teaching standards and motivate teachers by giving them better pensions

  • Michael Gove is a nutter!

    Who in this cursed, sinful world actually wants to spend 10 hours in school for 5 days. That isjust stupid and will cause many issues. To begin with, 10 hours is just too long. By the time it is 3 o clock, many students are already quite tired and will feel very bored. Next, students will have a very short amount of time at home. Michael Gove: what are you actually thinking?

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