• An eye for an eye

    Michael Jace does deserve to face the death penalty for the murder that he has committed. He made the choice to take a life, so his life should be taken in return. In addition, the death penalty saves taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars since we will not have to feed and take care of him for life in prison.

  • If you do the crime.

    The death penalty is a hard subject to talk about but it is something that is at times necessary. If someone has committed a horrible act then they should suffer the punishment that they inflicted on so many others. I understand an eye for eye leaves everybody blind but sometimes you just can't forgive certain things.

  • No, I do not believe Michael Jace should face the death penalty for murder.

    The death penalty makes me uncomfortable in general. I certainly don't believe it should be a penalty for 2nd degree murder, or "crime of passion". What he did was despicable and reprehensible, but he will live the rest of his life in prison and I believe that is sufficient punishment for his crime.

  • No, Michael Jace should not face the death penalty.

    As heinous as the cruel murder that Michael Jace committed was, I feel he is far too mentally disturbed to be put to death for it. The disgusting way in which he taunted his wife as he murdered her in front of his children entitles him to be locked up and to think about it for the remainder of his pitiful existence.

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