• Micahel Moore should run for a Congressional seat at some point.

    Michael Moore should run for a Congressional seat at some point. Michael Moore is known for his political activism and shares his opinions through his documentaries. Michael Moore is critical of certain aspects of American policy such as outsourcing of labor,gun laws, and government cover ups. Moore's views are popular and if he were to be in office he would have a large number of people supporting him.

  • Yes I believe Michael Moore should run for Congress.

    Michael Moore is a very polarizing political liberal who makes documentaries and he is very well known, I think it would be a good thing for him to run for Congress and see if he is able to gather enough votes to win the seat, I see nothing wrong with that.

  • Hes a hypocrite

    The last thing we need is another hypocritical member of congress. He talks and talks about how bad capitalism is and how great socialism and communism is when he has made millions upon millions of dollars from his movies and his documentaries. So how wold the us benefit from another hypocrite

  • No, Michael Moore shouldn't run for Congress.

    Even though Michael Moore likes to pretend he knows a lot about politics and the country should be ran, at the end of the day, he is just a filmmaker with an obvious bias. I think that it would be a mistake if he were ever a Congressman. I also think not too many people would vote for him.

  • He is not professional.

    No, Michael Moore should not ever run for a Congressional seat, because he is not very professional. Michael Moore has only shown his ability to mock people who disagree with him. He has not shown an ability to lead people together, or be civil to those who disagree with him. He would be a controversial Congressman.

  • I Really Doubt It

    To me Michael Moore is a film maker and that is what he is good at. I think he displays ideas that are often biased and one sided as well, not that I don't agree with most of it. However, for these same reasons, I don't think he would make a good candidate.

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