Should Michael Moore film a documentary concerning the mistreatment of females and minorities in corporations?

  • It would be good.

    Michael Moore does a lot of popular documentaries. He is known for making them about social issues and sparking thought and debate on issues. He would be good at doing a documentary about the mistreatment of females and minorities in corporations and it seems like a topic he would be interested in.

  • Yes, the mistreatment of females and minorities in a widespread problem worthy of a Michael Moore documentary..

    Females and minorities in corporations are still presently sometimes treated as second class citizens. Gender and race whether companies like to admit it or not does play a huge role in promotions, pay rates, and general job security. Many studies point out that by far white males still earn the most in many work places. It would be very eye opening for some people to get to see a documentary of this nature to open their eyes to the blatant inequalities faced by numerous American citizens.

  • Yes, Michale Moore should make a film about the treatment of women and minorities in corporate settings.

    I think this would be a good topic for Michael Moore to cover since he leans liberal and this is a very hot button issue with liberals. I believe he has done some good in depth work on his other documentaries even if they are bent politically and I think he could do a good job with this.

  • Yes he should

    Yes, I think that it would be a good thing to do this film, and that it would be good for the people of this country to see that there is still a lot of problems that go on in this country, and that it is needing to be changed.

  • I Don't Think So

    I do not believe Michael Moore should film a documentary concerning the mistreatment of females and minorities in corporations. I believe it would be too hard to do this as a lot of the problems are minor and contained. They don't create a big show and that's what Michael Moore likes to create is big shows.

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