Should Michael Phelps' medals be re-evaluated in light of his addiction problems?

  • I think Yeah, no

    If you got an addiction take his medals away and set him straight then give them back ,sometimes you need pain to gain. Most people with addictions get help after they've lost everything maybe thats what needs to happen to him. Plus i dont really care what happens to Michael Phelps cause I don't know him and don't really care what happens to him

  • To Shun Alcoholism

    Recently, Michael Phelps has revealed to the public that he has an alcohol problem. Addiction should not be taken lightly, and should be evaluated by not only doctors, but peers as well. There has been an out lash against Phelps, proclaiming that his medals should be re-evaluated and ultimately revoked. This kind of public shaming should not be tolerated. Michael Phelps is a human being, just as everyone else, and his problems with addiction are mentally based. Alcohol does not provide any benefit to the athlete except an escape. In order to help Phelps, and other athletes, the public needs to keep an open mind when it comes to professionals who struggle with substance abuse. They are prone to that kind of behavior due to stresses and pressures placed upon them by the very people who support their efforts. Phelps should not be penalized but nurtured.

  • He Earned It

    Absolutely not! Michael Phelps still completely earned his Olympic medals, and I don't believe that his addiction problems are relevant to that. I think they're just trying to find any excuse to keep drama being stirred up in the media and they want a story. Don't take away something someone worked their whole life to achieve just for a news story.

  • Michael Phelps earned his medals

    Unlike other athletes who used steroids or performance enhancing drugs, Phelps was addicted (maybe) to alcohol. He got caught, faced the consequences and sought help. Alcohol does not enhance sports performance, if anything it would make it worse. I have read no evidence that he abused alcohol or any drugs while he was competing. For this reason I do not think he should lose any medals. He earned them all honestly.

  • No Drug Test

    Due to the fact that Michael Phelps did not test positive on any of his drug tests, he clearly was not using any illegal substances during the Olympics. He earned those medals because he is an excellent swimmer. His personal life should hold no bearing on his accomplishments or on his medals earned.

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