• Yes, and his being banned from teh UK proves it

    Michael Savage has been banned from the United Kingdom. His rhetoric is
    believed to seek to provoke criminal behavior in others and foster violence.
    On air, Mr. Savage called the British Home Secretary who banned him a
    lunatic and threatened to sue him for defamation of character. Michael
    Savage has a vicious and inflammatory manner of speech, and the measured
    reaction of Great Britain shows he really needs to tone it down.

  • Yes I do.

    I think that Michael Savage should tone down his rhetoric. Some people do not take kindly to that and acting that way creates more of a hostile environment that a good peaceful one. I think even if you feel strongly one way there is a nice and peaceful way to express it.

  • He is a bit much.

    Yes, Michael Savage should tone down his rhetoric, because he alienates a lot of his fans with his rhetoric. Savage has some extreme views, and he is unpredictable for what he says on the radio. He even makes governments nervous, such as the government in England. He could be more popular if he would tone it down.

  • Let Him Be

    I do not believe Michael Savage should tone down his rhetoric. I believe it is better for people like Michael Savage to keep the rhetoric up since it is far easier for people to label others based on their extremist views. If he tones it down, more people may take him more serious.

  • Michael Savage has every right to speak the way he does

    Regardless if you like Michael Savage or not, he has every right to speak whatever and say whatever he likes on public radio. His rhetoric is very persuasive indeed, but every citizen in this country has the right to speak up their mind and say whatever they want. It is the country of liberty and freedom of speech after all.

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