• She's a Grade A Nutjob.

    The woman is prejudiced, dimwitted, and completely crazy. Among her ludicrous claims:
    The HPV vaccine causes mental retardation (what?)
    The 2011 hurricane and earthquake on the East Coast was a "message from God"
    Women should do whatever their husbands tell them to- she claimed she entered tax law because her husband thought "god" was talking to him, not because she wanted to
    Jimmy Carter's government caused the 76 swine flu, and Obama's caused the 2009 outbreak
    Wiping out minimum wage would solve unemployment
    Carbon dioxide isn't harmful
    The Founding Fathers worked against slavery, and John Q. Adams was one of them (both wrong)

    I could keep going but it's too depressing. The only possible reason anyone this ignorant and insane could get elected is because our population is becoming ignorant and insane.

  • She's quite bluntly crazy.

    Many reasons. We'll make a list to keep it simple.
    1. In a speech in 2008, she said that global warming is a hoax and in that same speech that Carbon Dioxide (the second worst greenhouse gas) was "harmless"
    2. In 2004, the lovely congresswoman said that "being gay is personal enslavement" I'm sorry, but what?
    3.Claimed in a speech on the House floor earlier this year, that Obamacare kills people. She didn't mean that it killed their finances, she meant that kills them... What the actual fuck?

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