Should Michelle Obama be the person to try and broaden ties with China?

  • Michelle Obama be the person to try and broaden ties

    Michelle Obama should be the person to try and broaden ties with China. They may look to her in a different light then they do her husband she is not the president but has great influence over the decisions that he probably makes today. Maybe if she got involved they would see a more humble side to America.

  • With the Chinese takeaway possible

    Let's face it, the Chinese are simply playing games with the americans, I do not believe that they take any of the usa government seriously, your leaders or their partners, they do not take the views of the west seriously, the Chinese play the long game, that it they are thinking and planning for 100's of years from now, not just putting on a public performance for the four years between elections, No, it is nice for her that she and her family have had the chance to visit the exotic places, but for the world it means nothing, same as her husband visiting Europe, all a pointless and expensive show...

  • Of corse not

    America is so worried about Syria,Russia, and all sorts of other non-sense things they just skip over the Chinese Genocides in a Uyghurstan and Tibet. Never herd of Uyghurstan there is a brave Jihad front there to have a free Uyghurstan. The Chinese murder innocent uyghurs daily this makes the holocaust look like a joke. And these brave Jihadis fight the Chinese government for freedom. And the US ignores it no embargos on China no official speeches nothing. But a fake chemical attack in Syria is crossing a red line. We should be at defcon 1 with china possibly on the brink of Nuclear War over Islam. The Nuclear Fatwah. We should make Bejing burn. But we don't we are to busy with Crimea a place smaller than the state of New York and if Russia gets it or not. We should have No Ties with china and if we must have ties those should be of blood.

  • No, for several reasons.

    1. She's the first lady, she's not our ambassador.
    2. While politically we should reach out to other countries, we need to control how their influence affects us, and right know that seems like what they care about when they want to try and "bond" with us. We need to tread lightly.

  • Not That Involved

    I do not believe Michelle Obama should be the person to try and broaden ties with China. I believe Michelle Obama has spent her time thus far focusing on the family and domestic issues. She has little experience in foreign affairs and I do not think she can do much to further this relationship.

  • First Lady Duties

    While in history there have been multiple first ladies who have been prominent, I think it's a step to far to get into foreign affairs. I love the Obama's and think they are a magnificent family, but I have never heard of any qualifications that would make Michelle a necessary figure with China.

  • No, Michelle Obama Should Not Be the Person to Broaden Ties with China

    Although Michelle Obama is a wonderful person, it is not the role of the First Lady to work on international relations of this kind. She could travel to China with her husband and play a supporting role, but it is not her job to be a leading diplomat in US-China relations. The First Lady tends to take on a more domestic role and chooses issues at home to help the American people like fighting obesity and that is a better role for her.

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