Should Michigan be allowed to pay people under 20 less than minimum wage?

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  • Age shouldn't be a factor in how much someone is paid

    You should be paid based on the work you can do, not based on how old you are. If you're getting paid less than minimum wage at ages less than 20 (18 & 19 for instance) it makes it that much harder to save up for future life expenses like moving out or buying a car etc. Minimum wage is barely enough to survive off of (on your own) to begin with, someone would basically have to wait until they are 20 to get their life started and it's already hard enough once you hit 18.

  • The minimum wage is a minimum for a reason.

    No employer should be allowed to get away with paying any of it's employees less than the minimum wage. There is a lot of grey in this area with regard to companies like Uber and others that use an entirely freelance workforce, but the idea of selecting a specific group of workers and paying them less based upon the argument that they're just students or are not burdened with supporting a family is a transparent excuse to reduce wages overall; if a particular group of workers is allowed to be paid less than others, businesses will naturally use more of them which can only spell trouble for other employees.

  • Non-viable Pay for Adolescents

    MIchigan needs to pay under young teens and very young adults at least minimum wage to do their jobs. Many to these youngsters need the income not only to gain work experience but to help finance post secondary eductional goals and aspirations. In addition, many are working to supplement their family resources for day to day living. They must be paid at least enough to cover the costs of transportation to and from work as well.

  • The established minimum wage should be for all qualified workers.

    I find that the state of Michigan should not be allowed to pay individuals under the age of 20 less than minimum wage. The minimum wage is set forth so that employers have a basis on which to pay qualified employees, whom they have elected to hire. In my opinion, allowing such a law to be passed, is in a sense a form of discrimination, ad would only create further economic turmoil.

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