• He obviously should

    Synder's handling of the Flint water situation is incompetence at best, and likely closer to malevolence. It either case, but especially the latter, he is wholly unqualified to be governor and should be rotting in jail somewhere. If there's any justice, he should be forced to drink the water he told Flint citizens was safe to consume.

  • Any Governor who FAILS to inform his constituents of grave danger they are facing should resign!
    "The governor says he learned about the situation in October and took "dramatic action."

    "I took action immediately then, offering filters, working with people on getting water, on doing water testing," he says.

    But it wasn't until January that he declared a state of emergency."

    Is enough for me to think he SHOULD RESIGN.

  • Michigan's governor should not resign.

    Michigan's governor Rick Snyder should not resign. All political officials suffer and commit scandals and cause the people around them to participate within that scandal whether they are indeed involved or not. For a politician to resign makes little to no sense because the support of the public is often illogical anyways.

  • No Rick Snyder Should Not Resign

    Rick Snyder is under pressure to resign due to tension surrounding the Flint water crisis, however, there have been similar situations such as this in the past. During these times many people did not feel the political figure did enough during the crisis or fast enough, yet in most cases the political figure did not resign.

  • Rick Snyder Should Not Resign at the Current Time

    The immediate authorities responsible for the water crisis in the city of Flint, Michigan, are at the municipal level. The governor of the state had no immediate involvement in the decisions which led to the problem and should not be held responsible for the poor choices of local officials. If further information were to emerge which directly implicated the governor's office in either causing the crisis or failing to act on what they knew, then it would be proper to call for his resignation.

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