Should Michigan's upper peninsula become its own state?

Asked by: Bruinshockeyfan
  • Being a michigan resident, i agree

    First off, it would make more sense geographically. The UP and LP are only connected by a bridge. Besides that they are two separate peices of land. With an exception of Hawaii and Alaska, michigan is one of the only U.S states/territories like that. Also, i know people in the LP hate having their money go to maintain roads in the upper peninsula. People in the UP hate having a large portion of money go to helping detroit. Also, Lansing, michigans Capitol, is a good 10 hour plus drive from some counties in the upper peninsula. Even though the U.P doesn't have a high enough population or strong enough economy to become a state it is a good idea to consider it.

    Also, most people in the L.P havent been to the U.P and its also the other way around.

  • Should join wisconsin

    Upper michigan and lower michigan are already basically their own states and have differnt people, Food, Landscape, And politics. For example upper michigan is way less populated than lower michigan and is very conservative as wisconsin is conservative as well lower michigan is more liberal. The U. P. Is much more like wisconsin than michigan with its northwoods and rolling hills and same lifestyle as those in WI. So yes they should seperate but not to become its own state but to join another.

  • Free at last, thank God we’re free at last!

    It will not happen in my lifetime but I can enjoy the thought of it. As far as all of the “Michigan” loyalists go they can do just that; leave. With regard to all the complaints about the costs involved with forming another state, what a bunch of whiners! Did we not have to do the same thing when any other states were created? Also, I want no part of having any of lower Michigan or any part of Wisconsin being a part of our state. Is it financially feasable? Absolutely! We will have to sacrifice much to make it work but we can do it. They invented the atomic bomb, didn’t they? I’m sure if that could be solved, making the U.P. A separate state would be apiece of cake. This state would become a showcase of success for all of the other states to envy. I wouldn’t even care if they left the Mackinac bridge up. Of course the fee to come into Superior would be high because anything of great value is more expensive. We would in fact be “The Superior State.”

  • We're Very Different

    The U.P. Is very much so a different region than Michigan, and most parts of the U.P. Have little relation to Michigan, and the majority of the peninsula is a Wisconsin satellite. As well, Michigan forgets the U.P. For the most part, and unfortunately the U.P. Has poor quality infrastructure due to most of the money going to Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, etc. rather than supporting Houghton, Marquette, Munising, Ironwood, and other key areas with little recognition from Lansing. Hopefully one day we will see a new state flag. As well, so what if the new flag doesn't have 50 stars? That is a petty reason compared to trying to provide health care and fair and equal representation to an area. Finally, this area was going to become a part of Wisconsin until the War of Toledo, when Michigan was given the U.P., but as most should see Michigan barely deserves the U.P., and has lost most of its opportunity to have tight relations with itself and let go on an opportunity that is now to late to be repaired. I will support separation until I see a new state created.

  • We are better

    We are better you frickin trolls you need to calm down we have the best life up here without your negativity and selfishness we love the up and we have a whole different culture up here so we need to be a different state. So calm down. Please and thank you

  • The UP should be divided between Wi and MI

    I think the fairest way to deal with this would be to split the UP with Mackinac, Luce and Chippewa County staying in Michigan and everything west stays goes with Wisconsin. The Eastern Three Counties are right over the bridge so they have more connection to the LP. The western counties are right over Wisconsin. That way then Michigan still has the Upper Peninsula, but a more reasonable part driving distance to Lansing. The drive through the UP has more of a Wisconsin feel over than a Michigan feel. When I was there I saw a lot of Wisconsin License plates, compared to most other states until I got to Mackinac County when I saw almost no Wisconsin license plates.I think dividing the UP would be the best idea.

  • Keweenaw Peninsula Native

    I am from the upper peninsula and have proudly lived here my whole life. I hear countless times from family (even from downstate) friends and co-workers that we should split. The upper peninsula has no relativity to the lower peninsula, really whatsoever. The upper peninsula, is its own state really in its own way. The food. Culture. State of living. The small towns, the everybody knows everybody persona. There's nothing like it. The lower peninsula does not relate to us one itty bitty bit. Trust me, we would rather become a state with Wisconsin and or Minnesota rather than the lower peninsula. I support being separated 100% it would be nice to find someone with a reason not to other than the topic of "why would we?" Or "who brought this up" and also a reasonable reality of why we wouldn't other than a flag and riots. Be realistic here. Come on.
    You would never understand unless your a yooper.

  • Yes it should.

    The average Michigan citizen knows very little about the Upper Peninsula. The UP has provided a wealth of minerals, ores, and forest material for the Michigan economy with little in return. I trust the honest people of the UP to do what is best for themselves and stop supporting a dysfunctional Lansing government.

  • The U.P should become part of Wisconsin

    The U.P. Is the forgotten stepchild of lower MI. The LP really only thinks of the U.P. When it's time to get their money and resources. The tax base is super low, and we have little representation in the state legislature. Many state services requiring travel are up to a 9 hour drive away. Health care systems between the U.P and Wisconsin aren't compatible, so you have redundent and poor quality services instead of a shared pooling of resources. The culture of the U.P and WI are very similar, and we all cheer for the Packers. The roads across the border with WI are nice and the U.P roads are terrible. I could go on...

  • It makes sense

    There is no real reason for us to be a state, they have a different culture, we are barely connected, so on and so forth.
    I just fail to see why we are counted as one state when we have little to no correlation, people refer to michigan as a mitten, and if so the U.P is nothing more than a sad lonely sock

  • You'll make a domino effect

    Firstly, having a 51st state will mess up the famous flag of the United States and really dent the American identity of having those 50 states. Secondly, (now, I'm British so I don't know much about Michigan) if there are only a couple of bridges from LP to UP then build some more! Build tunnels, more bridges, have cheap ferries. Just get better infrastructure in Michigan so it is cheaper to deal with the spread of resources. I live in London, money going to Cornwall doesn't affect me at all, that doesn't mean I want Cornwall to split from the rest of Great Britain.
    Lastly, if you split Michigan, a ton of other states are going to want to split as well. You'll have two Californias, a state specifically for Chicago, and two New Jerseys (and we are FINE with just the one!).

  • Where does this even come from?

    Adding another state will change the flag, and then every soldier will have to buy a new flag patch for their uniform. This will cause scrambles to the military clothing and supply stores and possible riots as everyone from E-1 to O-10 searches for this important part of the uniform. In all seriousness though why does the upper peninsula need to be another state? Yes it's confusing, to not be attached, but really, does that matter? It has worked for everyone in the past, right?

  • By itself no

    Michigan would have to pay for the resources and it would mess up the beautiful flag that Betsy Ross made and would ruin the stars that are in the flag we would have to make millions of more flags and including tiny ones for other reasons. .I think the up should not become a state.

  • There is no reason to.

    There is no reason to do so. You don't make all of the islands of Hawaii separate states. Why do it with Michigan? Michigan is known for having two Peninsulas,it's part of its charm.It brings more money to the state as well with tourists, the state would loose money if they were separated.

  • You'll make a domino effect

    Peninsula becoming its own state will corrupt the states 50. Also people in that state will become uneasy of change because they got used to the state they live in today. Then if they ever succeeded it would be the beginning of all other states wanting to become their own.

  • Its apart of Michigan's history and culture!

    We got the Upper Peninsula after the argument about Toledo, and then received the Upper Peninsula. In the end, we got more land, and even more resources, including lumber, and what would be turned into copper minds. It helped Michigan's economy, and its apart of history. Not to mention, the process of making the Upper Peninsula would be to much effort.

  • It's Pointless to separate.

    We don't need a separation it would just cause other states to want to separate as well. Every year people from Michigan go up to the UP to go hunting, i'm sure rules would change up their regulating certain stuff as well as other laws. And plus Michigan is known for having the UP, if we lose it than we'll lose some of Michigan's spirit.

  • Michigan is known for it!

    If we lose the upper Peninsula we lose some of Michigan's spirit. Every year people from Michigan go up there to hunt for game. If we lose the Upper Peninsula I'm sure a lot of rules will change. It would also just add another state, their are already 50, do you really think we need more?

  • Why Did Someone Even Think of Splitting?

    Honestly it makes little to no sense that Michigan would split the U.P. And the L.P. All it would do is probably end in Michigan needing more money to do the split and by time all the money would have been received no one would really care any more. Also America would just lose it's reputation of being a country with 50 states. I know this is goanna sound a bit dumb and very nit picky but I don't really like the sound of "51 States United" it just sounds rather lack luster. And our Founding Fathers spent years of their lives to get America to the way it is now so why try and throw part of that away? Another point is that the money it would cost to fix all of the printings of "50 States United" or something along those lines, WOULD TAKE YEARS TO FIX AND COST WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. All that money being spent on that could be spent on our education and not something so odd and out of place. And lastly it's not like the U.P. And L.P. Have started a war against each other saying either L.P. Or the U.P. Are superior so why would anyone even think of doing this?

  • I just don't think we should

    There is no need to separate at all. The U.P. Dons't have a very large population and probably would be misrepresented in the congress. Also with the U.P. Not having a strong enough economy on its own it would need a lot of government support on get on it's feet. The resources used to help the U.P. Become its own state could be more useful in other places like lowering the national date.

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