• Yes he should.

    Think about what harm he is doing to humanity by promoting science. He just might be the motivation another Einstein to be. We certainly do not want that.

    We certainly do not want people going in to researching on how to extend human life. Making the human body less fragile. Who needs that.

    Most of all we all rather live in caves than nice multi story flats and hunt in the woods and eat raw meat. Instead of using stoves. Since pretty much every modern comfort we have is the result of scientific progress.


  • An Excellent Speaker

    Having watched several of Michio Kaku's shows and eventually being able to go on and learn even more in the fields he speaks about, I have to disagree. I do not think he should spend less time focusing on this aspect. Michio Kaku is an excellent speaker and he can also explain complex science in ways that are easily understandable.

  • No, Michio Kaku needs to keep making science understandable to the common folk.

    Michio Kaku performs a much needed service by bringing science down to a level we can all understand. While Stephen Hawking is a renowned physicist, many of we "laypeople" cannot easily understand his concepts. Michio Kaku realized that we would be greatly interested in science if it were presented to us in simpler terms that we could understand and relate to. We need him to continue doing this.

  • Michio Kaku should not focus less on popularizing science amongst the common folk.

    Michio Kaku is doing a service to society by popularizing science. He is helping to make science more interesting to young people so that they will pursue education and careers in science. This is necessary to make sure that we have an educated workforce in the future who can take on scientific problems.

  • The bottom line is that he needs us

    The money for science does not just grow on trees, and the man probably realizes this. He needs the common folk to care about science so that we will keep funding it in the first place. Frankly, he needs us to care about it so that we will keep paying for his chosen career, and I think that he is smart to try to popularize science.

  • Popularizing Science is Good

    Michio Kaku should continue popularizing science among those of us who fail to understand complex concepts in simple terms. The only thing left for Dr. Kaku to do is to make a guest appearance as himself on "The Big Bang Theory" and his life will be complete. As a theoretical physicist, Dr. Kaku can give Dr. Sheldon Cooper a run for his money!

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