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  • I Do Not Think Microsoft Should Have Gotten Rid Of Clip Art.

    I do not believe that Microsoft should have gotten rid of Clip Art. Clip Art is a fun and very simple way to add style to written works on Microsoft Word. Maybe Microsoft believes that people aren't interested in using Clip Art anymore, however I think that a lot more people are interested in using it than they realize.

  • Microsoft Clip art should have stayed

    Users of Microsoft clip are upset of the decision to remove all the images available. It was an added perk that helped people put together brochures, letters and other correspondence while using Microsoft products. Removing this option goes to show that the bottom line of the company is more important than the satisfaction of the users. People who used the service are definitely disappointed.

  • No, Microsoft should not have gotten rid of clip art.

    No, Microsoft should not have gotten rid of clip art. It was very handy to use Microsoft Clip Art when a quick image was needed for a Word or PowerPoint document. Now that convenience is gone and it is necessary to go on to the Internet, or other source, to find clip art. Although this decision was probably a good one for Microsoft's bottom line, it was not a particularly good decision for the consumer.

  • Clip Art is great

    Clip Art is great. I remember the days when business people were using cartoon clip art in their presentations and it was actually considered high-tech looking back then. Clip Art still has great uses and I think it can be modernized and still used widely. It is great since it is a free tool.

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