• It really depends

    Social media is a great tool for communication, and can be used by anyone who is able to click a mouse and type on a keyboard.

    While saying that, what also needs to be taken in account is maturity and taking responsibility for one's own actions. Do I feel that middle aged kids should? Sure. Do I feel that upper aged kids should? Sure. Both of them are equally as capable of making mistakes on Facebook.

    Just make sure your kids are being safe online.

  • Facebook is stupid

    No body cares about Facebook anymore. How many people still use their accounts? Almost no one? It will become no one but middle aged kids and pedophiles once it turns into the outa-rounds of Club Penguin. Excuse me while I finish the pee I had to stop midstream when I read this post. Really? This is not a good idea.

  • I say no

    I say this because there are many bad people and most of the time and the kids put photos from their house and i don't know how but those bad people find their houses and sometimes the kids are killed so i say no. Also because a Grown up can play as a child and the kids might accidentally tell them their important info.

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