• All work visas for non Muslim Indians MUST BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY

    Despite being the country's largest religious-minority, India's Muslim communities have been frequently subjected to violent attacks and assault by right-wing Hindu nationalists.  Enough is enough, Muslim leaders must do more to stop these shameless Indian Hindus making living in Middle East. GCC countries are source of more than 70% remittance received by India. GCC leaders must help Muslims in INDIA.

  • No, Visas shouldn't be cancelled

    Well first of all, There are no assaults on Muslims in India due to their identity of being a Muslim. You feel that they are assaulted due to way media like NDTV, Etc. Portray it. Mostly because you have heard the story of a "Ahmed" not the story of a "Aryan" in India. Even if u think that Muslims are not safe in India, It doesnt mean that Hindus in the GCC must have their visas banned.

    This will cause the Gulf to have a drastic loss in economy as most of their workforce are immigrants. If u ever went to school you'll understand how the GCC economy will fall

    Next, There are many "Muslim" terrorist organisations (almost 99% are Muslim). Applying your logic, All Muslims should be declared terrorists as some are terrorists.

    I could debate on how Muslims are not ill treated in India and its just your misconception, But you'll just start whining that I'm going away from the main topic.
    Also, Get your brain checked by a doctor.

  • No their visas should not be cancelled

    You can't blame the whole hindu community because of some people and those workers didn't do anything wrong either. Then according to your logic of putting it all muslims will openly be considered terrorists and people won't allow them in their countries. Also you act as if muslims never attack hindus and that only hindusim is bad for you.

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