Should middle school and high school nurses be able to distribute condoms and other forms of birth control?

  • We need to protect our children.

    The common argument is that making condoms and birth control available on campus is tantamount to giving kids the green light to have sex underage. Um, no, dears. It's simply acknowledging that no matter what an old adult might opine on the subject, it is happening and that there are consequences for not protecting oneself. Kids aren't going to stop having sex or start having more of it just because there's a big bowl of condoms available to them. Get your head out of the sand.

  • Yes, they should.

    Schools should encourage students to have safe sex. A student who wants to have sex will have sex whether parents and teachers like it or not. We have studies to show us that abstinence only sex education does not work and only results in kids who are unable to obtain birth control.

  • Middle School and High School nurses should be able to distribute birth control

    Middle school and high school nurses should be able to distribute condoms and other forms of birth control. This is because of the fact that condoms help prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. These things are not something we want middle school and high school students to have. If the children are going to have sex, they should have birth control.

  • High school NOT middle school.

    Let's not be stupid. Kids (ESPECIALLY high school kids) are going to have sex regardless of whether the parents agree with it or not. Hormones are raging and lots of relationships happen. Sex is inevitable. I am not saying EVERY student will have sex but at least half will. Whether or not the school gives out condoms/birth control kids will have sex. Don't believe me? Go check out a local high school, I guarantee at least 5 teenage girls will be pregnant or have been. If they are going to have sex might as well have them be safe about it. Abstinence only sex education is NOT EFFECTIVE! Sex education needs to be through and explained to the highest degree. Every single type of contraception needs to be discussed. If I have kids and they are having sex I rather know that they are being safe than doing it behind my back and possibly not using condoms. Most kids will be embarrassed buying condoms and (SOME) males might persuade a girl to not use a condom because it won't "feel as good". Regardless of your religion/personal beliefs you know you would rather have your child using a condom/contraception if they are having sex. I wish people would stop making sex such a big deal. People act like sex is so immoral and wrong yet how are we all here? Yes, there are diseases out there but if we openly talk to our kids about sex and not only the dangers but how to protect themselves they I believe teen pregnancy will be reduced. Sex is completely natural and there is nothing "wrong" or embarrassing about it. Sex it not taboo.

  • Giving them the go ahead

    They're basically promoting sex outside of marriage when in all reality, it's so much better to stay virgins until married. Less chance of stds and pregnancy. Makes life so much easier, and it's so special when you've committed yourself to the person you'll be with forever. Hopefully nurses will realize what they're telling the middle school and high schoolers now.

  • Not without parent consent

    I believe that in order for a nurse in a public school to be able to give out contraceptives to a minor they first must get parental consent. If the parent consents to it then yes it is likely better the child can get it from somewhere rather then having no protection.

  • That's a little too much

    The high school nurses job is to be a nurse for the students, not their parents or counselor. I definitely would not be too happy if my teenage son, for example, was given a condom by his school nurse. Where would they get the right to do so? I just don't see that ever working out.

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