Should middle school and high school nurses give out condoms?

  • Heck yeah baby

    Of course . . . Free condoms, are you kidding me. This shouldn't even be a debate if anything you should be handing these out in elementary school. You know I got to get me some action. I'm always down to do it so this would be such a good idea to help out everyone. I'm always doing the business if you know what I mean so this would be a great thing.

  • Is it better to NOT give out condoms and for teenagers to become pregnant, or TO give them out and avoid teenage pregnancy?

    Let's face the facts: condoms prevent accidental pregnancy and allow safe sex. Is this not what schools want, opposed to pregnancies and unprotected sex? Sure, there's a slight possibility that this would cause an increase in teenage sex, but as long as both the male and the female (as opposed to just the male who would have the condom) are willing to have have sex, and that they do actually use the condom when having sex, then it would be perfectly fine and safe with no risk of pregnancy, and I see no problems with that.

  • I like dicks :)

    Some kids need to learn how to have sex or they might embarrass themselves when they do have sex and the girls and can have practice sucking the boy's cocks and this way boys know the feeling when they stick their cocks up the girls butt and to boys they talk dirty all the time ao way not play dirty as well? And what the harm yeah slight chance they get into real sex but so? They are going to do it sooner or later night as well get it over with and get a child that means we get to be grandparents now that ain't so bad and also it might increase a better chance marring the person they do want to marry.

  • The parent should.

    Weather you want to believe it or not, your teen kids do think about sex, especially males. Here is a tip for ya. When you notice you kid looking at other kids in that way (you know what way) make it a point to set some time aside to have that chat you have been dreading. At the end of the chat, hand them a gift wrapped box as a reward. Never guess what is inside. If you are too afraid to give them the chat, don''t worry, they can pick it up from the older kids at school. Seriously, If you don't know what to say, there are many resources out there to help. Much better for you to have the chat with them than have some person you don't know give them some bad information.

  • Sex in schools is ridiculous

    Minors having sex, doing drugs, commiting crimes, joining gangs or running away are all things we would not like to see them doing. So why should schools facilitate/promote any of those behaviors? All of the acts I just mentioned have risks associated with them, not just sex. Will the student be able to get free condoms for sex or free drugs or alcohol to abuse? They are told not to do drugs, not to commit crimes, not to join gangs.......And the school doesn't tell them "well if your gonna do drugs anyways here is a new syringe, here is a new pipe so that you dont have to share with anyone else and possibly catch an STD." Does it make sense for the school to say that? Well alot of people think it is ok for a school to use the "there going to do it anyway" arguement. Lets teach them about responsibility and patience.

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