• There's no point in changing a functional system.

    There is simply no benefit to changing the school level of the 6th grade. The 6th grade works perfectly fine in the school level it is already in, and changing that fact would only be a waste of time and taxpayer money. There just isn't a need for a drastic change of this kind.

  • It already does...

    Why is this even a debate? Middle school for the past 20 years have included grades 6-8. No further argument needed. Apparently I need 29 more words so now I'm just going to list off words: banana, fruit, chair, laptop, wall, dance, trip, osteoporosis, lemons, mouse, foot, leg, and pickles.

  • In most cases, it would be a good idea.

    In my district, the middle school only includes seventh grade and eighth grade. I am currently in middle school by the way. Lots of people in my school look and act like elementary school kids. The mentality between a sixth grader and a seventh grader really is not that huge. It's pretty much the same. On top of that, that is around the time kids usually begin puberty (although i started in fourth grade). When you think of elementary school kids, you probably think of prepubescent children. Not preteens/pubescent children. So that's why sixth grade should be in middle school. Besides, lots of districts have sixth grade in middle school already. Why not have them all? By the way i live in california.

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