Should Middle School Kids Be Able To Have A Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Asked by: Salvi
  • It's just natural

    11-14 year-olds, just a few centuries ago, were getting married, and even still in some countries. When we become teenagers, we start to feel deep and strong emotions about each other, in different ways. BUT (big but) it should not turn into a sexual relationship, no one should be forced to do something they are uncomfortable with, just because you're ready for it doesn't mean anyone else is, there are consequences, you will probably break up with in 6 months, this probably won't be who you marry, just because you like someone doesn't mean you have to date them, you will probably be judged, and most importantly, dating isn't a secret. Everyone you know may find out. Your parents included. You should talk to them about your feelings and how to express them.

  • It's good for the future

    Let's face it, the kind of relationships that people have in middle school normally aren't 'relationships'. In middle school having a boyfriend/girlfriend means that you have someone to walk to class with, hold hands with, and occasionally peck on the lips. Students need to have the opportunity to learn what it is like to have to handle school on top of having someone or something else to worry about. I'm not saying that they should be left alone with their boyfriend/girlfriend so that they can experiment with each other. I don't believe that that's something that they need to be worried about. I do think that middle school students should be able to have a relationship. I believe that it would be a great learning experience for them so that they can learn what they really want in a relationship in the future.

  • People need to learn sometime

    Any age is okay for a kid to have a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" as long as people do not treat it as something serious under the age of 13. Otherwise, it's just cute, and a social learning interaction that prepares them for later in life.

    I think everyone has had that "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" as a kid.

  • YES they should

    They should because then they know how it feels to be in a relationship. Students should be responsible and know how to react. Kids could hug, there is nothing bad with that. Kissing a lot, know your talking, that's a little to much. I feel like it is fine for a middle school kid to have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

  • Yes they should

    Its for experience, Yes it might be dumb, Yes it might be awkward, But they will learn from it. Plus not all are stupid and last 2 weeks, Some actually work and last more than a few months. Some are actually love, Yes before they might have been stupid and awkward, But nowadays they actually kiss and stuff. Let they experience it, They will learn from their breakup. Im in one rn and i am in love with him, It hasnt even been a month yet, But hes like my other half. Its fine if we only last 2 months, You can learn from it

  • Yes we should

    I have a boyfriend I am on his side. You want to know something my boyfriend looked up for me when my friend was fighting me and saying Hadden is ex termly Fat. Why should she do that to him its fine if their fat

    HADDEN JONES IN 6th love you

  • It really depends.

    When a middleschooler is in a sexual relationship, It's pretty illegal as well as very "WHAT THE HECK. " But a small romanticish relationship can be cute. My son once explained how he felt about the girl he "dated" in middle school who is now his wife. He said he couldn't really have regular dates because he was immensely shy and couldn't bear asking me to take them anywhere or act romantically in public. He did however talk with his girlfriend on the computer frequently and slowly learned what being in a relationship means. He learned that a partner is not only a sexual partner, But also a person you want to spend the rest of your life with, Whom you love like family. I think that can be really important, But it can depend on the kid.

  • Of course they should!

    In middle school, Dating is just holding hands and an occasional kiss on the cheek. A "relationship" usually lasts for only a few weeks. There's no reason to not let them. Plus at this age all they can think about is dating, And it would make them super sad if the cute boy/girl from school asked them out but they couldn't go.

  • Who really cares?

    I know all of you who protest, "They aren't mature enough!" Or, "They are focusing on their partners and not their grades!" Listen, I know some of you may think, "I'm in middle school and I think that kids don't know anything about love!" Nobody gives a shit what you think, trust me. Of course they aren't good at relationships, they are LEARNING. Now I know this may blow your mind but, mabey, just let the kids have their relationships, it doesn't affect you, Jesus.

    Posted by: GATM
  • Think about your feelings first.

    I am in middle school. As a 12 yr old, I know first hand it's very exciting to be told that someone likes you. But if someone tells you that yes, they like you, and you don't like them back? You should feel free to tell them that. Don't force yourself into a relationship, just because everyone else has a gf of bf. If there are people that don't like it when people are in relationships, respect that. And remember, you don't have to always be with your bf or gf. Have time for yourself and your friends. I like a guy, he likes me back. Simple. But in my case, both of our parents don't like us dating people. So we just left it at that. So if your parents don't want you to date, just ask the person you like to either 1) keep the relationship private. Don't tell anyone, including friends. 2) just stay friends. Ask if you can keep in touch until you can date.

    Unless you're me and you can't date till after college. :)

  • They are way too young.

    Ok, I am in a middle school myself and we have a lot of boyfriend/ girlfriend. And they are way too young. They don't know the first thing about love, I heard that some couples "did it" which I was completely shocked. HOW AM I THE ONLY ONE VOTING NO??? If one of them gets pregnant then they can't have an education.

  • Oh heck naw

    I'm in middle school to and I agree with most of you about how we should not be in any relationship with the opposite gender. This is about the time that high schools start to look at your grades and of what I know boys would just go off to their own little world with there girlfriend and not focus on what is called life. I play basketball and are pretty good at it and I have girls that ask me to be with them but I say no because I try to focus on how to become a better friend that becoming related to some girl. They shouldn't be "dating" because they can't house their relation with the other person, they can't drive, and they don't have the money to take them on dates. Right now is the time we just need to learn and befriend people not get busy with them. Since I am Catholic, I go to a Catholic school, people in middle school are even doing it there and I have mentioned to my priest or another superior figure to make class about this and why we don't need relationships. In conclusion, relationships are not important in middle school and to go back to what I have said, THEY CANT PROVIDE EVERYTHING. Of course it is cute when we see it and we joke around about it but really in what I have been tought in the Catholic Faith is that relationships are a sign of lust if you know what that means. It gets out of hand when you see your best friend kiss his or her relation in the hallway at school during dismissal and take my word for it, I have seen it but to finalize this debate, middle school relationships are NOT important.

  • No dating in middle school shouldn't be allowed

    I don't think it's right to date in middle school because they focus more on their partner instead of their grades. Also, many couples go too far and do things they are not supposed to do. Which leads to teen pregnancy. Some breakups really affect some people and they get to the point that sometimes they commit suicide, which is not right.

  • No They Should Not

    Middle Schoolers shouldnt date because I dont think middle schoolers
    are mature enough. They mighyt do some innapropriate things and they might also do something that might ruin their lives. I dont think middle schoolers should date because theyre to young and they cant handle the responsibilities of dating becaus theyre to young.

  • They are way to young

    Okay,so I am a middle school and I think they should not have a go or bf because if the girl falls deep in love with hid bf and the bf leaves her she would want to suicide or do something else they don't have to do and then there parents would have to deal with it

  • I think its pointless

    Dating in middle school isn't worth the time and the drama. They find someone they "like", stay with them for a day, break up, then post emo quotes on their Instagram. Middle school kids are like 12/13, do they really feel the need to date someone just for fun? The whole point of dating is to marry them eventually and middle school kids don't think about that.

  • Umm... NO !

    I think having a boyfriend or girlfriend this young is dumb. I mean we are 12,13,14 years old. What do we know about love? All we know to say is " I like him/her." These children can end up getting hurt because tehy boy or girl left them. They deserve better. Students should be focusing on their grades and schoolwork not if they are impressing their boyfriend or girlfriend. JUST BE SMART!

  • No Good For Them

    They should stay in school and focus on the class work. This is not a good thing to be doing at such a young age because it can lead to them doing bad things such as kissing on the lips and getting it going in the bed. This is why they should not be dating in middle school.

  • I dont know

    Well if you have a gf or bf you will start to change your own hormones and that is one thing that you will not want to have. It is okay to have a crush or something but i dont think its all right because many things can happen and it is almost like being in serious relationship.

  • No it is not okay!!

    Kids these age do now know what "love" is. If they do end up having a boyfriend or girlfriend they might end up getting hurt. They are too young to worry and feel stressed. So the need to stop caring so much and focus on better things. Be smart :). Don make stupid decisions!!!

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