Should middle school students be required to attend school year-round?

Asked by: HEGGr7ELA
  • Year-Round School Helps Memory Retention

    Middle school kids should attend school year-round as they prepare to become adults. It is a fact that year-round school helps memory retention. It is a fact that normal adults don't get a three-month vacation from work--a job is a year-round endeavor. Going to school 12 months out of the year, with three-week breaks once per season, prepares middle schoolers for "real life" when work happens no matter how hot it is outside. It's the job of middle school kids to get an education, so attending school all year shouldn't be that big of a deal. If school went all year long, teachers can spread out assignments and homework more gradually so children aren't overwhelmed with homework all at once. It simply makes sense, especially since the original need for summer break no longer exists with better farming technology. Kids don't have to help out on the farm in the summer months anymore, plus a majority of school kids live in urban and suburban areas.

  • Year Round School Favors Academic Success

    I believe all public schools, including middle schools, should switch over to year round schedules. This doesn't mean that a student attends school more often, it simply means that the breaks are spaced out into smaller chunks of time. I believe a schedule like this would help student retain more information.

  • Yes they should

    Year round school should be required in US schools because it will improve our academic rate. We currently are ranked last. Those schools in other countries have year round school do exceptionally well. It also should be applied because of summer camps, although some may argue that it will destroy summer camps, but it won't because it offers a wider range of options for the summer camps. They would also have the opportunity to do other seasonal activities such as sledding, skiing, snowboarding, etc. It should also be applied because of learning loss. The average student loses approximately 2.6 months worth of knowledge and must spend lots of time on review at the beginning of the year whereas with year round school you don't need to worry about learning loss.

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  • Schools should not switch to year round calendar

    Schools should not switch to a year round calendar. Let me tell you why. One reasons is kids need to spend time with there family. Also they want to play sports but if they have year round calendars they wouldnt be able to. Also they need a time to relax and hang out with there friends. They also deserve a good vaction.

  • No school should not be year round with no summer break

    Students should not be in school year round because kids need a time to relax and just have fun with their families. In school you learn Math, Science, English, Spelling, History, Bible, physical Education, and study skills. Thereby, they should have a least a little break for fun time to get in between education. They work hard during the school year they deserve to have a little break.

  • Year-Round School Not Necessary

    In reality, year-round school for middle schools isn't necessary or recommended by any means. Such year-round schooling can have negative consequences on middle school children. There are proven benefits of such schooling, but they are outweighed by the negatives here. Children need summer break to spend time with family and develop in other ways.

  • No, school should have summers off.

    School is like having a full-time job for students. They "work" often nearly the same amount of hours as their parents, followed by additional homework at home, beginning around middle school age. It's really a lot of work that can sometimes leave very little spare time, other than on weekends. I personally feel that summer is helpful for children, if used properly, to help them relax and engage in creative pursuits. It shouldn't be spent playing video games, but parents can use it to help them explore nature and do other forms of learning and creative pursuits throughout the summer. Unstructured play time can help with developing creativity, and summers are a perfect time for that.

  • No year round school.

    Year round school will never be doable here in America. Though I can see the benefits of it I don't think that anyone will ever be able to convince Americans to spend more time in school. It is sad because I think there are many good reasons to do so.

  • No school should not be year round with no summer break

    Students should not be in school year round with no summer break because kids need a time to relax and just have fun with their families. In school you learn Math, Science, Endlish, Spelling, History, Bible, Phisical Education, and Study Skills. Those are great to learn, but if you are working all the time you can become stressed. Stress can make you obese. Study shows that fifth five percent of our doctors and nurses are obese today because of stress. Also, lots of homework makes your brain think, but if you never take any breaks, your brain does not function right.

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