• You can choose to sit by someone who is nice to you

    At the end of the year in middle school some kids through ketchup on the wall and the teachers made us have assigned seating at lunch. I got put right next to a girl who had beaten me up before, and until some of the kids started a rebellion (about 2 weeks) I had to sit next to this girl while she called me fat for eating, told me to kill myself because I'm ugly, and even through my food in my face. How was this a good idea teachers?

  • Yes, middle school kids should have free seating at lunch.

    It would make no sense for children who are unable to legally have a job to be forced to pay in order to sit at a seat in the school their parents (through taxes) are paying for. Unlike meals, the seats on which the students are to sit are stable--the school doesn't have to continuously buy new seats. So yes, middle school kids should not have to pay to sit at lunch.

  • Yes, Give Kids Some Unregimented Time

    When kids are allowed to sit where they please, they will naturally sit with
    their friends. There they will feel happy and comfortable among
    their pals, and the lunch period will pass pleasantly. Kids study hard all
    morning and much of the afternoon. They deserve a pleasant, unregulated
    lunch, so they can relax and forget their academic troubles.

  • Kids need time to socialize.

    Kids always have to wait until lunch in order to talk with their friends if they don't have gym. It takes a real jerk to make this happen. Despite the fact you can socialize with new people, you can do that by sitting in another table than your group of friends.

  • Kids can interact with each other.

    At some schools, they say that assigned seating is not OK. But I think it is the right choice because assigned seating helps kids at least learn about others than their unusual circle of friends. Also, cliques can be hurtful, especially starting the middle school. They leave kids out, bully others, and make their lives miserable. Finally, this can prevent bullying because the bully might not know what to say to a person until another bully tells them a comment or dares them to say something bad.

  • Of course !

    Lunch is the only place friends have to talk and if none of your friends are in your class that could be a problem. This is coming from a middle school student and it is very difficult if none of your friends are in your lunch period class and nobody will talk to you so free seating would help people talk to there friends and not be lonely.

  • I have Assaingned seating

    At my lunch Table I have nobody that I personally know so I usually just sit there in silence while I eat my lunch and it makes me feel like I have no one to talk to or hangout with. Lunch used to be something I look forward to know I dread it.

  • Lunch is the 1 time of the day to hang out with kids you didn't in other periods.

    Lunch usually teaches kids to be responsible on who to sit with. Having choice is the reason some wars happen and why give no freedom on where to sit. The 1 chance you have to talk is on lunch because we no longer have recess. If we are not hungry what else can we do.

  • Adults never ask what we want

    Adults have to realize that we outnumber them, and that we dislike being pushed around like this. We are not chess pawns. We have a right to free will, and thus free seating. And I am ready to make us heard. I am ready. Adults will realize that a better solution is needed.

  • Yes we should!!

    We need free lunch seating because it gives us the chance to talk to our peers. We may have a few friends in class but we don't get to talk very much at all, we have work to do in class. We only get four minutes of passing period (at my school), But we have less then four minutes to talk to our friends. So lunch time would be the best time if we didn't have assign seats. We need time to socialize since we are at school working for 8 hour everyday.

  • No, No and No!

    Bullying happens! Lunch is very chaotic and when you place kids with friends, they might go crazy! You may also make new friends and you can also have fun sitting with people that you don't know. Our school did this and a lot of kids got in trouble for writing petitions! Such as... A boy with the initials FL, another boy with the initials JF and a girl with the initial GD

  • Yes this is why

    This is America. FREEDOM!!! Freedom doesn't come in packages boxes or bags. It's earning the the students should have it as a basic right. Just sayin dudes. It true we need to slow down and pick who we want friends! Who's with me?? Yaaaaa! To be serious yes. We need to be able to pick.

  • It creates a wonderful environment for kids

    I believe that there should be assigned seating during middle school lunches because it cuts down on bullying extremely as well as giving children the opportunity to create new bonds with others. It also gives you a new perspective on how lunch should be, it will make multiple new friendships some that last a lifetime

  • We cant have fun

    If we have lunch seats we cant have fun and we wont eat and get to know each other and that is stupid because we dont even get to talk and i am a third grader i think it should not be a thing it is stupid no more lunch seats

  • Kids should not sit wherever they want in the lunchroom.

    Kids should mix up where they sit in the cafeteria. This can help break up cliques and prevent bullying. When kids change who they sit by each day, they get to know everyone, not just their friends. I am in JHS and from all my schooling experience from the past almost decade I have only gotten to know everyone that I know because of assigned seating.

  • It will cause the destruction of the school

    Assigned seats will help the kids interact with other students and they could possible make new friends. Assigned seats will bring students closer as friends. It will stop the destruction in the cafeteria. If the have free seating the will go crazy an bounce of the walls. Assigned seats is the answer

  • Kids will be everywhere

    No because some kids would not want to be by there
    selves because some people might not like that loner.Also teachers wont be able to find us if were just anywhere there is a girl named cleana who gets bullied and now she has freinds im her best friend. Thanks.

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  • Schools should have free seating!

    Although many teachers argue that free seating causes problems and chaos in the cafeteria, I believe assigned seats with just cause more hostility between the students and the school. This will make the students less attentive in classes and more rebellious towards the school. Free seating is a definite yes!

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