• Yes they should

    They need to know subjects for big school tests, If there was no homework than all kids would fail and wouldn't be able to move on academicly with their life. So what i am trying to say is that middle school students should have homework. That is what i believe.

  • Students Should Do Homework

    Well, students need to show what they know. So without further proof from tests, how are admin and teachers supposed to know that the student knows the curriculum that the teacher is supposed to be teaching in your child's class. So, this is why middle school students need to have homework.

  • This is ridiculous

    Students should not have homework because I would rather play fortnite and cod WWII. I get 99 and up in every class and I think homework is just dumb. Also I want to hang out with my friends and family and teachers should respect that I have a social life and school comes second.

  • Yes, But why should we have a lot of it?

    We might learn from homework and we might be practicing what we learn in school, however; we shouldn't be spending four hours at night doing math and science. We learn many things every day. I agree that we SHOULD practice what we learn in real life, But not as much as we are given. A study from CNN proves that grade school students have WAY too much homework, and it's causing many arguments at home. I truly enjoy homework, but not when i'm up till two in the morning working on a 163 math problems per night.

  • Yes they should

    Middle School Students should have homework because they need to apply what they have learned and they need to understand work it out when their is no one their to help them. They can also use it a a study tool. If they are unable to study one night they can simply do their homework and do okay on the test. Even though homework is a huge stress for middle school students it helps them in more ways then it harms.

  • Yes of course.

    The time of studying at school is never enough for them to acquire the knowledge. Excluding some talented students, others cannot remember what they've learned. We shouldn't give them too much and too difficult homework. However, a little bit of reviewing exercises must be given to help them understand the lessons deeply and, somehow, to stimulate their curiosity to discover new things, new ways to solve the problem.

  • Yes They DO

    How else are they going to learn? Some of them even like having homework. Plus, this ensures that the student knows what they are learning and fully comprehends it. The teachers are doing their best to ensure that every kid in every grade understands the material. Homework also builds ownership and responsibility. Im not saying there should be a LOT of homework, just a reasonable amount so that the student has enough time to do whatever he or she wants to do.

    Posted by: Vias
  • No, Middle School students should not have homework.

    I'm in 7th grade and I have too way much homework to do each night. Sometimes I even have to do it over the weekend, And I have no time to socialize/hang out with friends. It's too stressful and most of the time I stay up until midnight. Even then, I still don't get some of my work finished and get penalized for it. If teachers are going to assign homework, They should only do it if a student is struggling/doesn't get the lesson or if they assign only one hour of homework per day.

  • I think small topics or bigger ones should not be homework.

    Homework barely helps me learn. It just talks about what I just did a few hours before then. The time I spend on homework would be better used for school projects and a few times I almost failed a assignment because of homework taking over the afternoon. I really think there shouldn't be any homework. Im not just saying this because I don't like it, I'm saying it because it deprives me of time to do more important things.

  • I don't think middle school students should have homework.

    I don't think middle school students should have homework because people have stuff to do thats more important than homework, First of all, We go to school at 6:00 or 7:00 and we are barely waking up, Second of all we have 6 hours of school and we do all the work there, Then they expect us to do homework at home even though it barely helps us learn, Its just repeating what we did at school, But double the work.

  • I say no to homework

    Im a middle school student and yeah homework might be useful every once in a while. Like if you need the extra help for something. But the reason I say no is because I have sports after school and that usually makes it hard for me to fit in time to do homework.

  • No, Kids have to much stress already

    Middle schooners already are stressed enough as is. I'm a middle schooner and I have homework almost everyday and it's stressful. I barely get to talk to my parents cause of homework. Also almost all of my teachers give me homework and it takes like 30 minutes to get everyone done. So, It takes me 2 hours and 30 minutes. So I have 24 hours in a day. 10 of them go to sleeping. Then about 2 hours to get ready. Then 8 hours of school. Then I do homework for 2 hours and 20 minutes. I spent 22 hours and 30 minutes just for school then I have to study which takes and hour now I have just one hour left of the day and I have to spend that getting ready for bed. Now I didn't get any time to spend with my family. I didn't even count if you had extra curricular. Homework takes time away from me getting time with my parents and now a ton of stress. No homework just seems right to me right now. Cause then I get to have 3 hours with my family instead of doing homework.

  • I say no

    I say no because middle schools have been in school for 8 hours. I am in middle school I have hardly no homework but the 6th graders have lots of homework. I fill bad for them because my boyfriend has lots of homework and he does hardly any because he has to ask me the 8th grader help.

  • No, middle school students shouldn't!

    I am a M.S. Student and I can hardly ever get my homework done while balancing an after school activity and time with friends and family! If we need practice we can do homework and we can study if needed but otherwise it is quite unnecessary otherwise. I read an article on if kids should do homework and it says to much is unhealthy!

  • Kids need more time to run around and have fun and have fun with friends. It’s to stressful

    If a kid had 1 hour of homework and another kid had 2 hours of homework and no sports to do that night and the kid with one hour of work and had baseball that night from the end of school to 6 and they went to bed at 8, it would be hard for the kid to wind down and get work done.

  • No, They should not have homework

    They spend 7 to 8 hours in school. Even though they stay for a long your, They get restless nights and have to do homework all night. I mean that is disrespectful. They don't let their children to spend time with their families and it hurts me that I'm about to go to Middle School. I even tried about having the large amount of homework. Homework shouldn't be allowed. We need that to be worldwide.

  • No 6th, 7th, 8th graders should not have homework.

    They go to school for 8 hours a day, while studying might be necessary homework is NOT; especially if they play sports for hours a night and hang out with there family and friends. This is an issue for many people especially if they don't like homework. I hope all the teachers reading this will get it

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