Should Middle School Students Have Less Homework?

Asked by: AydenJackson
  • Must have less homework

    Kids need to have less homework - they're still children and need to enjoy their childhood.
    Teachers should do lots of excercises at class, and give children less work to do at home. First of all, most of the kids don't even sit down to study, which means that teacher wasn't able to fulfill the main goal (teaching the student) By making them do work at class, they're not able to push it away! They study right-away and finish it on time.

  • Kids should have less homework

    Because kid's are young even in middle school. Kid's need to enjoy their life. Instead they should be outside or playing video games with their friends not sitting inside doing homework which your teacher wont make any use of the next day. In conclusion kids should have less homework because they should stay outside and enjoy their young life while they have it.

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